PSW PASS meet Saturday December 9 wrap up.

Saturday December 9 PASS meet PSW wrap up.

On Saturday afternoon December 9, 31 of our Knights competed in our third PASS meet of the year under the care of coach Kayla, Amber and Philippe.

The meet started off with the 100 IM. Ryan, Curtis, Channiel, Kevin, Tova, Mannat, Roc and Seoyeoung caught the coaches’ attention with their efforts!

Then in the 200 IM, Josh, Anna, Devin and Sean qualified for the LMR level! Congratulations!

In the 50 back it was Kevin and Anna who stood out the most and then in the 50 breast it was Vincent, Ethan, Georges, Channiel, Kevin, Mannat, Anna, Adrian, Roc, Joshua and Aanya who left an impression!

Ethan who was our only swimmer in the 50 fly, impressed even himself with his highly improved butterfly technic!

In the 100 free, Channiel, Sahana, Tova, Kevin, Alex, Adrian, Jasmeen and Seoyeoung gave their competitors an experience in fierce racing!!!

In the 200 free, Ryan for whom it was his first 200 race ever, did fantastic and Anna had a strong finish like she had never done before!

With every edition of the Skittle cup it becomes harder and harder for coaches to decide which swimmers really stood out from their peers as the level of competition is increasing for all the SKSC Knights! This is fantastic!

For the third edition of the Skittle cup this year the notable mentions were:

Kevin, Josh, Ethan, Roc, Adrian, Sean, Tova, Seoyeoung, Mannat, Jasmeen and Cindy.

And the winners were: Channiel and Anna!!!

Congratulations to all!!!

Coach Philippe