January Newsletter

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Volume 2, Issue 1


The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lombardi
Congratulations to all our swimmers who swam at meets this month!  We hosted another successful meet!  With how popular our meets are we will probably start hosting future meets at West Mesa to accommodate the crowds better.

We have 1 and a half months before we enter our championships season!  We will be ramping up our training to get our swimmers ready for it.  We will have a championship meet for every level of swimmer.  (B Championships, State Championships, and Sectionals) 


No Practice Dates
  • January 1st
  • January 15th
  • January 20th

7th - DUKE Distance Meet

  • This meet invite was sent to all teams with a very quick turn around for the registration deadline.  They put this on at the last minute to give swimmers a chance to try for some distance events.  
10th-11th USA Swimming Sports Performance Visit
  • We will have USA Swimming do a series of presentations for the coaches, swimmers and parents.  Click Here for More info

  20th - B League Series #4
  • Swimmers can swim any event that they do not have state times in
27th-28th Bill Hudson Memorial
  • Hosted in Los Alamos.  This is a no time standard meet.  Any swimmer can enter this meet.



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25 Powerful Ways to Stay Motivated All Season

The swimming season is a long haul. Here is the swimmer’s guide to staying fired up for the duration of the year.

Think of this list as your little Swiss army knife of motivation. Bookmark it, and save it for those days where you need a jolt of inspiration to get back to the pool.

And here we go:

1. What’s your vision? Write out what you want to do with your swimming career. What do you want to accomplish? Go to the Olympics? Win state champs? Anchor the relay team? List out all of the cool stuff that you want to do with the sport. Don’t overthink it – dream away. Just make sure you write it down. Thoughts come and go, float away and get forgotten. Put it down to paper.

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Positive Reinforcements with Resolutions.

Mental strength and resilience are important in maintaining & conquering your goals.

No matter what your goals are, building mental strength will help you reach them. Just like physical strength requires ongoing exercise, so does mental strength. Commit to building your mental muscle by staying positive and using positive reinforcement when times get tough:

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Success Board


Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 11-12 200 Back Sirignano, Anthony J 12/03/2017 2:37.30
Male 10 & Under 100 Back Espinosa, Lucas H 12/17/2017 1:30.03

B League Series #3
Jericho Adams 6th 25 Br
Jake Ahyo 2nd 50 Bk, 3rd 50 Fr, 3rd 50 Br
Jordan Ayers 2nd 50 Bk, 4th 50 Fr
Luke Bemish 3rd 200 Br, 3rd 50 Fly, 4th 50 Fr
Dylan Bonnett 1st 50 Br, 2nd 200 Br, 1st 50 Fr, 3rd 50 Bk
Maya Bonnett 5th 25 Bk
Ariana Chavez 1st 50 Fr, 1st 200 Fr, 4th 100IM, 5th 50 Br
Liliana Chavez 1st 50 Br, 1st 100IM, 2nd 50 Bk
Gracie Espinosa 1st 200 Bk, 1st 200 Br, 1st 50 Fly, 3rd 500 Fr
Lucas Espinosa 1st 50 Br, 4th 50 Fly, 1st 100IM, 1st 200 Fr
Kyra Graham 7th 50 Bk
Richard Hall 6th 50 Bk
Cutter Howe 1st 200 Br, 1st 50 Br, 2nd 50 Fly, 3rd 100IM
Kennedy King 3rd 100IM, 6th 50 Fly, 8th 50 Fr
Ashlee Mainella 4th 50 Bk, 7th 50 Fr
Thomas McCarthy 2nd 50 Br, 2nd 200 Br, 3rd 50 Bk, 4th 100IM
Seth McLaughlin 6th 50 Bk
Rylee Ortiz 8th 25 Fly
Taylon Ortiz 3rd 50 Fr, 3rd 50 Fly, 6th 100IM
Abbey Patnode 4th 50 Bk, 5th 50 Br, 7th 100IM
Jasselle Patnode 1st 50 Bk, 4th 50 Br, 3rd 50 Fly, 6th 500 Fr
Ben Paul 1st 50 Fly, 1st 100IM, 5th 50 Fr, 7th 50 Bk
Nate Paul 3rd 200Fr, 8th 100IM
Addy Perez 6th 50 Fly, 7th 100IM
Lauren Rodriguez 8th 50 Br
Dani Ruiz 4th 500 Fr, 5th 200 Bk, 8th 50 Fr
Josh Shaver 3rd 50 Br, 7th 50 Fr, 8th 50 Bk
Tony Sirignano 1st 200 Bk, 1st 200 Br, 1st 500 Fr
Marina Weideman 1st 50 Br, 3rd 200 Br
Maya Williamson 3rd 50 Br, 7th 50 Bk, 7th 50 Fr
Madi Woods-Marks 4th 50 Fly, 5th 50 Br, 5th 500 Fr

Age Group Championships
Ariana Chavez 8th 200 Fr
Liliana Chavez 3rd 100 Br, 7th 200 Fr, 6th 50 Br
Gracie Espinosa 4th 100 Br, 6th 200 Bk, 8th 100Fr, 7th 50 Fr, 8th 200IM, 5th 200 Br, 7th 100 Bk,
Lucas Espinosa 4th 50 Bk, 6th 50 Br
Serlha Kundeling 4th 50 Fr, 5th 100 Fr, 5th 100 Br, 4th 200IM, 4th 100 Bk
CJ Lawson 1st 200IM, 3rd 50 Fr, 4th 200 Bk, 6th 100 Fr, 2nd 200 Br
Thomas McCarthy 1st 50 Fr, 2nd 100 Fr
Phillip McLaughlin 1st 100 Br, 4th 100 Fr, 3rd 200 Bk, 2nd 50 Fr, 1st 1650, 3rd 1000 Fr, 1st 200 Br, 3rd 100 Bk, 3rd 200 Fr
Jaselle Patnode 8th 50 Fr
Tony Sirignano 6th 50 Fr, 7th 100 Bk, 7th 100 Fly

Congratulations to Phillip McLaughlin for taking 1st Place High Point at Age Group Championships!!!

Happy Birthday to our January Birthday Swimmers!
Michael Melodia
Dylan Schluep
Carly Adams
Naomi St. Clair
Alexis Arellano
Robert Lawson
Alana Carrick
Caden Solwick
Joanna Castillo
Rachael Allen
Richellle Hall
Trinity Perez
Jazmine Tscherne