Banning Tech Suits

A number of USA Swimming LSCs (Local Swimming Committees) have recently banned the use of technical suits by younger swimmers. USA Swimming has not instituted a national ban but has commissioned a study on the use of these suits by younger swimmers. 

The YMCA, from the national level, has not banned the use of tech suits for any age or level. However, YMCA meets that receive a USA Swimming Approval may be required to abide by the tech suit ban in the respective LSC.

The current rules vary from LSC to LSC. Some that have banned the use of technical suits include all Sanctioned and Approved (which would include YMCA meets that seek USA Swimming approval) and some only include USA Swimming Sanctioned meets. Some apply the new rule to swimmers ages twelve and under while other LSCs apply the rule to swimmers ages ten and under.

It is imperative for the host of any YMCA meet that seeks USA Swimming Approval to know the rules in the LSC that will potentially issue the Approval and, subsequently, communicate the rule to all participating teams.

As national changes or updates become available, we will communicate those to all registered YMCA coaches.