2020 SWAGR 14&Un Championships LANDING PAGE

This is the landing page for the 2020 CCS SWAGRChampionships held at Clovis West High School, March 19-22.  Please check here for any and all information pertaining to the meet.  VISITING the information at the bottom of the page to share your commitment to the meet!

2020 SWAGR Meet Info

2020 SWAGR Meet File 

SWAGR Time Standards

2020 Officials Application to Officiate

2020 Officials Request for Evaluation

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Timing Assignments 

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Team Scores

VISITING TEAMS:  We invite all teams who plan to compete to take part to fill out a short "commitment form."  It should only take about 2 minutes to fill out.  Please only offer a SINGLE NUMBER estimate of your swimmer count and not a "range."  You can access the form here:

Current team commitments (as of 12/5/19):

  • Clovis Swim Club - CC
  • Scottsdale Aquatic Club - AZ
  • Davis Arden Racing Team (DART) - SN
  • North Coast Aquatics - SDI
  • Rio Salado Swim Club - AZ
  • Charger Aquatics - NM
  • Cactus Aquatics - AZ
  • Santa Maria Swim Club - CA
  • Wolverine Aquatic Club - SN
  • Solano Area Otters (SASO) - SN
  • Highlands Ranch Aquatics - CO
  • Park City Swimming (CITY) - UT
  • Bakersfield Aquatic Club - CC
  • Northern Sierra Swimming - SN
  • Life Time Northern California - SN
  • Flying Fish Arizona Swim Team - AZ
  • Heartland Swim Association - SDI
  • Front Range Barracudas - CO
  • Fresno Dolphins Swim Team - CC
  • Yuma Heat - AZ
  • Desert Thunder Aquatics Club - AZ
  • Loveland Swim Club - CO
  • Almaden Riptide - PC
  • Arden Hills Swimming - SN
  • Olympus Aquatics - UT