Kroger Rewards Program


Did you know that you can give back to the Dallas Mustangs just by shopping at your local Kroger? It's easy when you enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards Program!


How the Dallas Mustangs earn once enrolled:

-Kroger will pay up to $40,000 on an annual basis to the Dallas Mustangs based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Kroger Community Rewards organizations.

-Every time a Dallas Mustang shops for groceries and swipes their Kroger Plus card/enters their alternative ID (i.e. phone number), the swim team automatically starts earning rebates!


Enroll now!

1) Register your Kroger Plus Card online at, by clicking on "Enroll".

2) After enrolling, login

3) Once signed in, select "My Account"

4) Scroll down to the "Community Rewards" section of your account page

5) Select "Enroll Now" or "Edit"

6) Enter the name of the organization (Dallas Mustangs) or NPO Number (25318) that you wish to support

7) Select the Dallas Mustangs from the list and click "Save".


Any troubles? You can also register your card/phone number/alternative ID at your local Kroger. Thank you for giving back to the team & go Mustangs!