5 Tips On How To Encourage Your Swimmer

5 Tips On How To Encourage Your Swimmer

Her are 5 great tips on how to encourage your swimmer from SwimSwam contributing writer Elizabeth Wickham.  Read the full article by clicking here.


Tell your child that you like to watch them swim. Don’t coach or critique their performance.


Remember that the sport belongs to your child. Let them take ownership and responsibility for their success.


Make the atmosphere and experience fun. Don’t pressure them with unrealistic expectations or compare them to other swimmers.


Be involved! I’ve noticed that the parents who volunteer are the ones who have successful swimmers. Parents who drop their kids off at the curb outside the pool and never watch a practice or meet will have kids that quit.


Give them room to breathe. The pool should be a place where they can’t to see their friends and have fun. So, don’t hover. Give them the freedom to become the best they can be on their own!