January 2018 Kingfish News

Happy 2018 Kingfish Families! The summer swim season will be here before we know it.  As we gear up, we have some news to share.  In this newsletter:

- 2018 Coach and CIT Application Deadline Information

- Assistant Head Coach Job Posting

- Interview Committee Members Needed

- 2018 Kingfish Board and Key Volunteers Introductions

- Fundraising and Communication Chairs Needed

- A Rep and Social Chair Shadow Needed

- Registration Information


2018 Coach & CIT Application Deadline Information

The Kingfish team is now accepting applications for Assistant Coach and Coach in Training positions for the 2018 season.

Applications are to be submitted by Sunday Feb 11, at 6:00pm.  Application forms can be found on the doc tab of the Kingfish website.  Applicants should complete and submit both the application and code of conduct forms.  There is also a document describing the criteria for applicants.  Please note that CITS are not paid, rather SSL hours are offered.

Please either mail applications (or put in her mailbox) to Tara Hofmann at 604 Kent Oaks Way.

Interviews are scheduled for Sunday February 25 at the Clubhouse.  Once an application is received, an interview time will be scheduled between 11:00am and 4:00pm.   All applicants are expected to be interviewed on Sunday February 25th.  An interview committee comprised of volunteer parents along with Head Coach Tim Brockway will conduct approx 20-30 minute interviews with each applicant. If you have questions please contact Tara Hofmann (hofmanntara@yahoo.com).  Positions will be announced in the beginning of March.


Assistant Head Coach Job Posting

Coach Annarose Kennedy has decided to pursue other opportunities this coming summer, and we thank her for her contributions to the team.  Therefore, the Kingfish is hiring for a new Assistant Head Coach.  Please pass along the job posting (on the website under the Documents tab) to anyone you know who might be a good fit for this important position.  


Interview Committee Members Needed

As reflected in our bylaws, an Interview Committee will be formed comprised of 3-4 parents with knowledge of swimming, coaching, and the Kingfish. We are seeking to identify a mix of parents of young Kingfish as well as older swimmers.   Interview Committee members are tasked with interviewing all applicants and sharing their feedback with our Head Coach, Tim Brockway.  The final decision on hiring rests with the Head Coach. 

If you would like to participate on the Interview Committee, please send a brief email indicating your background with swimming, coaching, and the Kingfish.  To participate on the committee, you must be able to attend all the in-person interviews scheduled for February 25 at the Kentlands Clubhouse. Parents of swimmers applying for Assistant Coach or CIT positions are not eligible to serve on this Committee.  Please contact Meredith Fogle at: meredith@meredithfogle.com if you want to be considered for the committee, no later than January 31, 2018.


2018 Kingfish Board and Key Volunteers Introductions

The Kingfish would like to introduce all of our families to the 2018 Volunteer Kingfish Board members and Key Volunteers.  Please feel free to contact any of these parents, who are providing an invaluable contribution to the team, volunteering their time, effort, and talent to help run the team, with questions about the Kingfish.

2018 Kingfish Board

A Rep (Meet Management/Admin): Meredith Fogle                      meredith@meredithfogle.com

B Rep (Meet Management):            Grant Cheung                        grantcheung@gmail.com

Treasurer:                                         Sue Rambo                            smmahn@aol.com 

Volunteer Coordinators:                    Eileen Kao                              ejtsai@gmail.com

                                                          Mary Chu                                marykchu@hotmail.com  

A Rep (Automation):                         Corinne Hinckley                     corinne@clhdesign.com  

                                                           Kirk Hinckley                          kirk@bowtieclub.com

2018 Kingfish Key Volunteers

B Rep (Automation):                           Angelo Witten                         wittena@gmail.com

Team Manager:                                  Tara Hofmann                          hofmanntara@yahoo.com 

​Concessions:                                      Dayna and John Ingrassia      daynakim@yahoo.com  

Merchandise:                                      Angel Godman                        angelagodman@gmail.com  

                    Bhaval Shah                            bhavalshahbell@gmail.com  

Social:                                                 Leyla Esfandiary                      siamak_leyla@hotmail.com  

Little Kingfish:                                      Emily Lilyestrom                      lilyestrom@yahoo.com

Communication:                                  OPEN

Fundraising:                                        OPEN

If you are interested in learning more about these positions or shadowing any of our Board members or Key Volunteers, the Kingfish are always in need of parents to learn these important roles.  Please contact any of our Board members for more information.

Fundraising and Communication Chairs Needed

The Team is in need of volunteer parents to fill two important positions: The Fundraising Chair and Communication Chair positions.  If you are interested in learning more about these positions please contact Meredith Fogle at meredith@meredithfogle.com

A Rep and Social Chair Shadow Needed

The Team is in need of volunteer parents to shadow the A Rep position (Meredith is serving her final season in this position in 2018) and the Social position (Leyla will need assistance in this position especially toward the middle of the season).  If you are interested in learning more about these positions please contact Meredith Fogle at meredith@meredithfogle.com


Registration Information

Save the date for this year’s Kingfish Registration.  Registration will be held on May 12 from 1 PM – 4 PM at the Kentlands Clubhouse