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Quote of the Week:

"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly."

~Jim Rohn


Quote for the week:

"It is what you learn after you know it all that counts."

~John Wooden


Your 2018 board members:


President: Laurie Bergvall

Phone: 360-333-2052

Email: lauriebergvall@gmail.com


Vice President: Niabi Drew

Phone: 360-914-8132

Email: ethernuts@gmail.com


Treasurer: Rob Hoxie

Phone: 360-299-9218

Email: mapmanrob@hotmail.com



Secretary: Lissa Snowman

Phone: 206-234-5510

Email: lissasnowman@hotmail.com


Parent Rep: Elton Erickson

Phone: 360-610-9354

Email: eltonerickson1974@gmail.com


Parent Rep: Silvy Yamazaki

Phone: 408-688-6080

Email: syamasj@aol.com


Parent Rep: Monica Harris

Phone: 360-421-1497

Email: monicacharris2@msn.com


Team Gear

Attached is the team gear order form if you would like to purchase.


January Challenge Results

Thank you to all our parents who helped out. TAC cannot host swim meets without your help and we had a great number of parents step up and really make this meet happen. Special thanks to Niabi Drew and Rob Hoxie, these guys do a lot of work behind the scenes and this meet especially was tough. Thank you so much for making this a great team.


Our swimmers did well, lots of time drops and improvements. The team took 2nd overall and set several new team records. The coaching staff was very happy with the results and are looking forward to seeing the improvement continue.


New Team Records

We had 4 records set at our swim meet all in our 10 and under group.


Josephine H. she set 3 new records in the 200 free swimming it in 3:21.82, 100 back swimming it in 1:41.17, 100 breaststroke 1:59.73. Way to go.

Jake J. he set a new record in the 100 backstroke swimming it in 1:25.62, crushing the old one by over 10 seconds.


Swimmers of the meet

Lots of great swims and a couple swimmers that had great swims all around.


Josephine, she set 3 new records, dropped time in her other races and placed in the top 20 in all of her events.

Jack Stickles, at age 7 Jack swam 6 races, completing events in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly without any DQ?s. He swam 3 new races and dropped time in the other 3 races.

Zach Harris, he dropped time in 6 of 6 races, dropped 23 seconds in his 500 free and swam the 200 fly for the first time. He also placed top 6 in all of his events.


Fast Swims of the Meet(double takes)


Regan Franulovich: she swam the 200 im for the second time at age 8, she had DQed at a earlier meet. She was very nervous going in and needed some encouragement. Once the race started she looked great and swam it like she had been doing it for years and did it legally.

Finn McFarland: The coaching staff was very impressed in his 500 free, he seemed to get stronger the farther he swam and in his last 50 he really turned it on and finished fast. It was a very impressive swim.

Persephone Pestar: Her 100 free was really impressive, she looked strong throughout and had a fast kick the entire time. Persephone is not a racer, this has been the subject of many conversations but in this event she really got going.


Most Improved(largest time drop)

Runner up was Sean Dyer who dropped 106 seconds. He had a very good meet and came so close. Unfortunately Sara Kumar dropped 110 seconds in her 6 events. So too bad for him and nice job to Sara destroying her old times and having a great swim meet.


Lighting Strikes(best swims of each swimmer)


Lindsay Brown, she swam the 50 free for the first time in a while and dropped 1.7 seconds and getting under 30 seconds for the first time.

Cassidy Drown, in her 100 IM she ended up taking 3rd place looking smooth and strong in all four of her strokes.

Emma Oakes, she dropped 1.4 seconds in her 100 breaststroke getting a good bodyline off most strokes and swimming strong.

Max Adam, he had a impressive 9 second time drop in his 50 free swimming it in 39.24.

Madelaine Anderson, she looked best in the 100 breaststroke, dropping 9 seconds and overall dropped 55 seconds combined.

Leon Bassart, he swam several new races including the 100 free and 100 back. In his 50 free he dropped 3 seconds getting closer to sub 1 minute 50.

Maksym Bondar, in case you missed it he swam butterfly for his 500 free. He had done this at a high school meet and he dropped 10 seconds, showing some real endurance.

Oleksii Bondar, taking first in the 200 breaststroke, dropping 2.43 seconds and looking real strong throughout. The 200 breaststroke look real good this past weekend.

Brannon Hayden, he swam his first meet, he was super nervous and he did really well. I liked his 50 backstroke, swimming it in 41.68.

Tim Campbell, he continues to be impressive in how much he has improved. He dropped over 77 seconds in all and swam the 50 breaststroke legally.

Isabella Cantrell, she had a really strong swim in the 25 backstroke, placing 8th overall with a legal finish and a strong kick.

Emmalee Carlson, she dropped nearly 9 seconds in her 50 backstroke, getting it under 40 seconds and placing 5th overall.

Emily Cox, I loved her 500 freestyle, she just kept going and got stronger as she swam. She dropped 20 seconds and came close to getting under 7 minutes.

Josh Digweed, his 100 backstroke was great. He had rhythm and a great kick throughout, once we get his turn clicking he will really be moving. Josh dropped 10 seconds in all.

Vivienne Drew, she had a strong 2 second time drop in her 50 backstroke. She did a great job keeping her head still and steady.

Mary Duez, she swam the 25 breaststroke legally, hurrah. The last time she tried I think was in Oak Harbor and there was a number of things to work on. Mission accomplished and she did it super well.

Sean Dyer, his backstroke is looking really good and he placed 2nd in his 200 backstroke, dropping 52 seconds. He is getting close to looking very impressive.

Annaly Ellis, she dropped in 6 of 6 races and a huge 14 seconds in her 200 free swimming it in 2:23.09.

Silvia Ellis, in her 100 fly she had a large 24 second time drop. Swimming it smoothly and without hesitation.

Jacob Erickson, he loves sprinting but I have to push him at some meets. In the 400 IM he dropped 31 seconds and I might move him into a IMer. I am sure he will love that idea, he also crushed his heat.

Calum Hambleton, he swam the 100 backstroke without a DQ. Not only that he swam it in 2:30.88 and looked pretty good. Lots of work to go but he is moving forward.

Sabine Hambleton, she looked really fast in the her 100 backstroke. She swam the event in 1:22.30 dropping 5.40 seconds and placed 7th.

Thomas Harris, it has to be the 500 free, he dropped 34 seconds, placed 3rd and is approaching 6 minutes on his 500.

Lauren Hellam, she was 3 for 3, 100%. Largest drop was a 4.75 improvement in the 50 backstroke.

Chloe Hernandez, she is looking impressive in all her races. At age 8 she swam the 100 breaststroke and the 25 fly. Looks like she is getting ready for the 200 IM.

Samuel Hines, Samuel dropped 13.37 seconds in his 50 free getting under 1 minute for the first time. Way to go.

Logan Horr, he dropped 8 seconds in the 200 free swimming it in 2:53.48. During the race he started looking smooth and strong.

Ryan Horr, Ryan dropped over 66 seconds and dropped in 5 of 6 events. I think his 400 IM stood out the most with a 23 second time drop.

Jacob Hoxie, in his 200 fly Jacob dropped 24.83 seconds going from a 2:35.52 to 2:10.70. Not bad, he ended up 3rd in the event.

Clayton Jacobson, first swim meet, he swam the 100 back, 100 free, 50 free and 50 back. Was able to complete the 100 back legally with flip turns.

Isabel Jacobson, Also her first swim meet. She swam the 100 back, 100 free, 25 free and 25 back. Very impressed with her 100 backstroke.

Jai-Lee James, for the first time she swam the 200 free and looked like she could have kept going. The coaches have been super impressed with how Jai-Lee races.

Grace Johnston, She had strong swims in the 200 breaststroke and 400 IM, placing 5th and 7th in the events.

Anna Lisa, best swim came in the 100 IM, dropping 15 seconds and looking strong in all 4 strokes.

Julia Lisa, loved her 500 free, dropping 31 seconds swimming it in 9:27.84. She ended up 3rd overall and looking steady throughout the race.

Michael Lisa, he swam the 25 breaststroke legally for the first time. That is such a big deal and I am excited to see his progress.

Noah Masten, the team seemed to rally hit our longer races. Noah had a great 400 IM dropping 34 seconds and got close to getting under 5 minutes.

Nathan Mathes, he placed 1st in 5 of 6 races. He shaved off 0.37 in his 50 fly swimming it in 25.00. I gave him crap for not swimming it in a 24.

Lauren McClintock, she was a little off this meet but I made her swim the 200 breaststroke and didn?t look terrible. She ended up 2nd and sort of looked like she was in rhythm.

William McClintock, he had 5 of 6 time improvements. In his 400 IM he swam it for the our team for the first time, swam it in 5:29.46 and placed 5th.

Kara McEttrick, she had a very strong swim in the 50 backstroke. She looked really comfortable and smooth, dropping 4.73 seconds.

Dallas Moore, I really liked her 50 free, she looked quick and dropped 2.32 seconds, ending up with a 36.33

Pam Moore, She had good swims in her 50 free and 50 backstroke, dropping time in both and getting closer to sub 40 seconds in both.

Emmett Moore, I liked his 50 free, dropped 0.50 second swam it in 23.19 and getting so close to sub 23 seconds.

Brennan Morgenthaler, he had a great swim in the 200 IM dropping 9.62 seconds and placing 1st overall in the event.

Josh Ocampo, he swam the 50 free in 29.53, getting under 30 seconds for the first time and didn?t look like a complete out of control maniac.

Ella Ocampo, I loved her 200 IM, I watched that swim and thought she is starting to straighten out. This was the first time she swam it legally, looking forward to seeing her continue to improve.

Beau Omdal, he dropped in 2 of 4 races, best race come in the 200 Fly. He ended up shaving off 0.76 seconds and inching closer to sub 2 minute 200 fly. He ended up taking 2nd place in that event.

Makayla Patrick, again that 400 IM was just moving. She dropped 34 seconds going from 7:19 to 6:44. She was strong and steady throughout and finished strong.

Trey Patrick, He dropped in 3 of 3 races on Sunday. With a huge time drop in the 500 on Sunday ending up 2nd in the event.

Jimmy Paul, he is really coming along. Jimmy was able to swim the 50 free, 25 back and 25 free. Last swim meet he swam the 25 free. Great to see that progress and increase in races.

Andres Rivas, he swam the 200 fly for the first, he did it without complaining, he did it in a smooth manner and was steady throughout. He placed 4th overall and looked like he was ready to swim it again.

Noah Rozema, he had strong swims in all his events placing top 5 for all his races. His best race came in the 100 fly swimming it in 1:07.76.

Finn Slagle, all new for him and looking great. Placing 3rd in the 25 free and swimming it in 20.59.

Nathan Smelley, largest time drop came in the 25 backstroke, he dropped 3.85 seconds and finished with 25.17.

Ellie Snowman, it?s the 500 again, she dropped 19 seconds overall and had a great race. She shadowed the two leads swimmers and about 300 into the race shot right past them and never looked back.

Spencer Snowman, two strong races, he swam very well in the 200 free missing a best time but placing 1st in the event and had a strong swim the 200 fly.

Savannah Sparks, She swam great in the 500 free dropping 3.45 seconds and swam it in 6:15.07.

Megan Stickles, lots of great swims but her most impressive time drop was 18.18 seconds in the 100 free and swam it in 1:56.03.

Gemma Wentworth, pulled off the 100 breaststroke legally for the first time. Great improvement all around.

Isabella Wentworth, looking really strong in the 200 free, dropping 10 seconds and starting to get her head down and swimming forward.

Rylan Whitney-Martin, I liked his backstroke, it was straight, steady and fluid. He dropped 2.45 seconds and ended up 6th.    


Friday Harbor Vs. TAC January 20th

We are hosting Friday Harbor on January 20th.The meet will be 2pm to 4pmish and will replace Saturday practice for Gold, Silver and Bronze swimmers.


This is really a lot of fun and the kids enjoy themselves a lot. I will have the signup ready by next week, please go online and indicate if you will be attending.


Junior and Senior swimmers will be practicing in the morning on the 20th. They are too fast to swim in this meet


This is a small, quick meet and we will be combining this with a training session for parents to get experience on meet jobs. The focus will be on getting parents trained on scoreboard, data entry and announcing. You will be expected to do these jobs at future swim meets so now is the time to get a hands on opportunity at a low-stress event.


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