CMA Swims Well Over The Holidays!

The CMA swimmers participated in three meets over the holidays.  They were the Castle Rock Tri-meet, Pueblo Sprints, and the CSST Winter Challenge. All three were great for our swimmers!

Age Group Bronze & Silver:
We have had a wonderful trio of swim meets this holiday season. We started with the ROCK Tri-Meet in Castle Rock. Even though there were just a handful of Bronze and Silver swimmers who attended, each one did very well. Zach Stevens did his first three 50s, Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke. He finished 2 nd in the 50 Free and 1 st in the 50 Backstroke! Way to go Zach! This was Aiden Carrell's first swim meet. He was nervous but so excited and finished the night with all best times. Cooper Britt also had a great meet and just continues to work hard and get faster with each race. William Bentley also did very well and finished with best times in all events. The next meet that we did was the PSC Santa Sprints. I had a large number of Silver swimmers who expressed great interest in doing the 25s. So Silver swimmers raced a lot of 25s and I saw some very fast swimming! This meet was great because it helped build confidence in their abilities. Every Silver and Bronze swimmer came home with multiple best time buttons. There were also several swimmers who placed in the top 5 for their age group for multiple events. This was the first meet for Maggie Arguello. She was so excited to be there and to be swimming with her friends. She took home 2 best time buttons. Eli Marm did very well with all best times and he is starting to show me that he can race and has a huge desire to try more challenging races. The final meet was the CSST Winter Invite. I had several new swimmers attend this meet as their first meet and each swimmer did very well. Callie and Mackenzie Hassell, Beck and Penn Waldman, and Luke Weber all raced their best. I had 45 new best times at this meet. That is incredible! Beck and Penn Waldman each had 4 best times, Gabe Marm and Sam Sena each took home 5 new best time buttons, and William Bentley had all best times. William also took off 56.69 seconds during the meet! He had huge time drops in practically every event. I am very much looking forward to more success at our meet in February.

Age Gold & Juniors
Our AG Gold and Junior swimmers were rockin' and rollin' at the Winter CSST Meet! Everyone was very focused and disciplined in warmups, remembered to talk to me before and after every race, and were by far the most team-spirited swimmers from any team there!
AG Gold:  Three swimmers from this group won High Point Awards: Zoe Harris - 1st place 8 & under girls, Kellen McInelly - 3d place 9 year old boys, and Elyse Eilmes - 5th place 9 year old girls! Zoe also set two new CMA Team Records in 25 back and 25 fly! Seven (out of nine) of the kids swam a majority of best times in their events: Mikaela Allred (5), Elyse Eilmes (6), Elam Estella (6), Ryan Gretz (3), Zoe Harris (7), Kellen McInelly (6), and Alex Terhakopian (3). Some of the time drops were huge! Elam dropped 38 seconds in his 200 IM and 7 seconds in his 100 back! Elyse dropped 30 seconds in her 200 IM and 7+ seconds in her 100 breast! Kellen dropped 24 seconds in his 200 IM and 5 seconds in his 100 free! Alex dropped 15 seconds in his 100 breast and 4 in his 50 free! Mikaela dropped 6.5 seconds in her 100 IM and 4+ seconds in her 100 breast! We are so proud of these AG Gold swimmers as they learn and improve. They're sure putting in the hard work to earn this success!
From Juniors, we also had three High Point winners: Samantha Synsvoll - 1st place 11 year old girls (her first meet as an 11 year old!), Sinjin Schmeck - 2nd place 9 year old boys, and Luke DePeppe - 5th place 11 year old boys. Fourteen Junior swimmers participated in the meet and many, many best times were swum! Swimming ALL best times were Jin White (8) and Nick DePeppe (4)! They both had huge time drops in nearly every event! Nearly all the others swam a majority of best times: Luke - 6, Lily Larson - 4, Kaitlyn Manuel - 5, Grace Mehall - 6, Cardin Nguyen - 5, Kytelyn Pieper - 6, Sienna Schmeck - 4, Katie Sena - 4, and Samantha - 7. Several new Silver State cuts were achieved as well: Cardin - 50 back, Kytelyn - 100 IM and 50 breast, Sienna - 50 back and 100 back, and Sinjin - 100 free. Just like the AG Gold swimmers, some of the time drops were huge! We especially improved in our 200's and up, which tells us that we are doing a great job with building endurance. In our 200 frees, Kaitlyn and  Lily each dropped 9 seconds and Katie dropped 7! In our 200 IM's, Jin dropped 20+ seconds, Nick dropped almost 10, and Grace dropped 4! Samantha dropped 7 seconds in her 200 back and Cardin dropped 4.5 in his 200 breast! All of these kids make me so proud every day - of their positive attitude, their work ethic, their support of their teammates, their humor, and their general kindness and empathy. We are so very lucky here at CMA!
During a short afternoon meet in Castle Rock we had a small contingent of our Senior swimmers competing and posting some nice improvements. While only limited to three events each, the met was still a success for our swimmers. Leading the way was Ysa Carrell with three new best times (100 breast, 100 fly  and 100 free). Posting two new best times each were Kambry Lightfoot (100 fly and 100 free), Amaya Porter (50 back and 50 fly) and Bethany Slivka (100 breast and 100 fly). Adding one best time to their resume were Caroline Bricker (50 back) and Isaac Eilmes (100 breast).

Following our meet in Castle Rock our swimmers competed at the Pueblo Swim Club’s Santa Sprints, a meet where many swimmers got to race in events that are usually not available for their age groups. This led to many new best times in events that some had not competed in in years.  Leading the way with 4 new best times were Evan Branham (25 breast, 25 free, 50 back and 50 fly) and Bethany Slivka (100 back, 100 fly, 50 back and 50 breast). Racking up three new best times were Kambry Lightfoot (100 free, 25 breast and 50 back) and Amaya Porter (100 breast, 200 IM and 50 fly). Adding 2 new best times each for the day were Abigail Wroblewski (50 back and 50 breast) and Caroline Bricker (25 fly and 50 back).

After coming through the holidays our swimmers competed at the annual CSST Winter Invite at our home pool showcasing some of the training improvements made over Christmas training. Standing out of the crowd was Michael Mehall, who posted 7 new best times over the weekend (100 back, 100 breast, 100 free, 200 back, 200 breast, 200 IM and 50 free). Also having a good weekend were Ritarka Samanta posting 4 new best times (100 back, 100 fly, 200 and 50 free, and matching him with 4 best times was Bethany Slivka (100 breast, 100 fly, 400 IM and 50 free). Also posting 4 new personal bests was Isaac Eilmes (100 fly, 100 free, 200 fly and 50 free).  Adding new best times were also Evan Branham (100 fly, 200 free and 50 free), Amaya Porter (100 back and 50 free), Ysa Carrell (500 free) and Caroline Bricker (200 fly).