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JonDavid Bulford is the December FISH of the Month

JonDavid Bulford is the December FISH of the Month

JonDavid Bulford is a nine-year-old Age Group swimmer who has a great work ethic and team spirt.  During the first week of December, “JD” made his first JO Qualifying time in the 50 back at Christmas Champs.  JonDavid had a great swim in the prelim session and tied for the second alternate position.  As a result, he had a swim off in which he dropped more time, won, and made his qualifying time.  JonDavid’s attendance during the month of December was stellar.  He made every practice during the holiday practice period and worked extremely hard! During the holiday practice time trials, JonDavid supported his teammates by cheering loudly for them. 

1. When and where did you start swimming?

     I began swimming as a mini Wildthing with the Langley Club in the summer of 2013.

2. Favorite event and why.

      I really enjoy swimming the 50 butterfly because it’s a hard event and it pushes me to do better.

3. What hobbies, sports, activities (besides sleep) do you participate in outside of swimming?

I play lacrosse, tennis, soccer, and also enjoy playing football and basketball with my friends.  Basically, anything that involves a ball.  I also like to fish, play chess, build things, and I really like to collect fossils. 

4. First thought response questions:

     Gatorade or Powerade?   Gatorade

     Favorite word?  Psyche!

     Least favorite word?  Loser

If you were stranded on a desert island what three movies would you absolutely have to bring?

      Surfs Up!, Star Wars the Last Jedi, and  Ice Age Collision Course

5. What is FISH to you?

Fish means working hard, never giving up, and always trying your best.  It also means trying to beat your friends’ times, but still being happy for them if they beat you!