Meet Worker Shifts


The meet worker hours available are now open online.  The following meets were opened:

HS Boys Big 9 February 10

Vince Herring Classic February 16-18

HS Boys Section Meets February 21 and 23

MRC  March 9-11

Age Group State March 22-25

*You have until the end of July to get your 40 hours in.

As we get closer to the meet dates, the times may change due to meet entry counts.  They should not change by more than 1 hour, however please note to check the website again closer to that time to reflect most current timelines.

Some Friendly Reminders:

  • You must be able to work the entire shift to get credit.  Do not select overlapping shifts (such as clean up shifts) as we need all the help we can for those shifts. 
  • Do not bring your young children to the shift with you.  There are many areas that we cannot have children in for safety reasons.
  • Please have your blue RSC team shirt on at all of these meets.  We will bring them back out at the VHC meet if you still need to pick them up.
  • Do not cancel a shift at the last minute without an email to us.  
  • Always sign in on the sheets at the volunteer table in the gym



To look up your hours that have been worked and recorded:

1.  Login to your account

2.  Click on My Account on the left side of the screen

3.  Click on My Invoice/Payments

4.  Click on the Service Hours tab

That will show you all hours worked and recorded.



Thank you for your continued support!  We cannot host such quality meets without all of you!

Rochester Swim Club Administration and Staff