Sharing news about Gail

 Just wanted to share some information that we shared with the swimmers of Senior and Senior Elite groups tonight. 

We sat down these groups this evening and explained what was going on with Gail. We didnt share all details, we figured that would be up to each individual family on what you wanted to share. 

Gail was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic syndrome) About a year and a half ago. MDS is a form of blood cancer. There is a cure, and the cure is a bone marrow transplant. So at this point her disease has progressed to a point where we need to get the transplant done. The transplant will pribably take place the beginning of April and from there, there is about 5-6 month recovery period.

 Gail wished she was able to come and say goodbye to the kids in person, but unfortunately she went into the hospital around christmas and at this point she is unable to do so. She is very susptible to any germs so she is unable to go out at this point and be around large crowds. 

As far as swim team, essentially all thats happening is instead of 4 senior level groups, we will have 3. 

I will take the kids who were in my group, and merge them with some of the swimmers that are in Senior elite. 

Pretty much, the swimmers that were in my group just moved up a little earlier. 

If you have any questions, please just ask. We didnt want to share too much with the kids, wanted to be honest without scaring them. 

I will sit down with them again tomorrow to talk to anyone who wasnt there today. 

Thank you