LLS Spin-A-Thon

Below is a Letter from the Founder of Emmaus Aquatic Club, Michael Seip.  Please feel free to share this worthy cause with anyone in the community and all friends and family of the EMAC Family. 

Good Evening:

             Our Grandson, Griffin is the chairperson for the 2018 LLS Spin-A-Thon being held on 2/11/18 at Steel Fitness Premier.  I know you are aware of Griffin's battle with leukemia, November 24th was Griffin's last clinical treatment, which was a huge milestone.  Much of the treatment and protocol followed over Griffin's 3 year and 3 month treatment period is a result of research funded by LLS.  I have also attached some photos of Griffin's last clinical treatment for you to view.  He truly is one tough little guy and our hero for what he has endured in his short life.  Below we have pasted a brief summary Vince wrote from a parent's perspective of the last 3 plus years.   I will also attached a link to photo of  the "Finality Bell" that has been donated in Griffin's honor at the new LVHN Children's Oncology Treatment Center.  

   Griffin Michael King’s life was forever changed in September of 2014.  Following a month or so of persistent illness,  further workup revealed a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).   His world was turned on its head.  During this frightening and confusing time, Griffin (and his family) were, thankfully introduced to the incredibly caring and talented professionals at the Lehigh Valley Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Center.  It wasn’t long before Griffin met the very special folks from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding research, finding cures and insuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients.  Our experience with LLS has certainly been commensurate with what is considered the gold-standard organization in this regard.   

    We are lucky to live in a time where so much has come to be understood about blood cancers.  We certainly understand that we stand on the shoulders of so many brave individuals who were not as fortunate.  Griffin is a living, breathing  testament to what the LLS is at the forefront in accomplishing. His infectious smile and zest for life continue to enrich everyone around him and this is a direct result of resources procured by organizations such as LLS and those who donate.  Your efforts have literally saved Griffin and countless others like him.  More ‘Paw Patrol’, monster trucks, power rangers, and Incredible Hulk.  More laughter, kisses, songs and dancing.  More love.  More time.  More LIFE.  There is no greater gift to bestow.  Thank you LLS and thank you donors.

Griffin received his last oral chemo treatment on 12/12, that marks the beginning of Griffin's treatment free life!  Amen!   This completes his monthly clinical treatment, his quarterly spinal taps, his monthly steroid cycles and his daily chemo, which he endured for 3 years and 3 months! We could not be prouder than being Anya and PopPop to such a brave little sole, we look forward to spending time with Griffin and our other 4 grandchildren (Keegan, Tyler, Maggie & Jackson).  Please take the time to open the team page for Griffin's team, the link is below.  Obviously in celebration of Griffin's success it is our desire to make this year's LLS Spin-A-Thon the best one yet.  Griffin's team again will be named "Galvanized for Griffin"  representing his toughness.

Thank you for all the support, prayers and well wishes for Griffin.



Susan & Mike Seip