I realize this is way in advance, but these meets are important to our team and we want to do a great job hosting!


We have recently received confirmation that we can host the LC July meet on the 6-8 at City Park.  So, we will be hosting two meets this summer - 1. June 9-10 and 2. July 6-8, both at City Park.  


Please mark these weekends on your calendars, and let's step up like we did at KM on Jan 6, to host a couple of GREAT MEETS!  We'll need everyone to attend and/or help on deck on a larger scale than at Kings Mountain.  City Park has 10 lanes, so we'll need 20 timers per session.  If your swimmer (10 or older) is not participating in the meet,  lets give him/her a stopwatch... ALL HANDS ON DECK!  Job Signups, as well as swimmer signups, are open now!