Terrapins Fly at January Open Meet

Terrapins Flying at the Open Meet

There were great races and an ton of best times at the Lone Star Open meet.  TTST swimmers really hit their stride - just like the New England Patriots!!!

This was the last meet before the championship meets in February and March. Swimmers need to work on the small things they have been told to be at their best at the Champs.

A big thank you goes out to the swimmers that helped taking splits and cheered on their teammates on their day off! - Hannah Zwerneman, Breanna Nguyen, Camilia Samson, Jonathan Ware, Savannah Griffin.

Just a few highlights of the meet:

  • Triton Nguyen won all his events, and to top that grabbed 4 best times, with a 10 second drop in the 500 free!
  • Branston Bui improved again in the 100 back, 100 fly, and 200 free - he won 3 events!!
  • Ell Chambers got busy, with awesome efforts and best times on 4 events, and a 6 second drop in the 100 IM
  • Alec Condo continues to work hard and slash time! He hit 3 best times, with a 7 sec drop in the 200 free
  • Jacey Condo hit 100% best times for the second meet in a row!! Her 8 second improvement in the 200 free was the icing on the cake
  • Sarah Klussmann continues to impress. Her hard work paid off with 5 best times, placing 7th in the 100 fly
  • Dana Ferrero, D'Ambrosio nailed 100% best times, and massive drops in the 50 fly and free
  • Noah Puente got in the swim of things placing in the 25 back and crushing the 50 free.
  • Brice Condo hit best times in the 25 and 100 free, where he placed 6th
  • Nicholas Corpuz went crazy placing 6th in the 100 back and fly. He hit 4 best times with an 8 second improvement in the 100 back, and 200 free!
  • Adrian Corrales was super tough in the 100 breast and 200 free with big time improvements.
  • Kathryn Crosby hit 100% best times, and sizzled in both the 50 free and back dropping 10 seconds in both.
  • Collin Elliott was steady as usual, placing in all events, and winning the 200 fly and 1000 free
  • Will Baker had major improvements in the 100 breast, 50 and 200 free, dropping 7 seconds!
  • Kira Ferrero D'Ambrosio was 3 out of 4 best times, going out of her mind in the 100 &50 back
  • Joey Hill showed the hard work pays off with 4 best times, and placing in 3 events the 200 and 100 breast, and 200 IM
  • Emma Kinsey was on a roll winning 2 events the 100 free and 200 IM. She also hit 4 best times dropping 7 in the 200 back
  • Aaron Figgs continues to swim fast and improve. Aaron hit 100% best times, and averaged 3 second improvements in all his events
  • Zoey Figgs showed her toughness winning 3 events and 100% improvements. She dropped a whopping 42 seconds in the 100 free
  • Daniel Garcia improved 6 seconds in both the 100 IM and free.  He hit 4 best times.
  • Renata Garcia placed in 3 events and sped to best times in the 25 and 50 back.
  • Joe Guajardo was awesome winning 3 events the 100 breast, 200 free, and 400 IM. He nailed 2 best times.
  • Molly McEnerey was awesome in the 50 free dropping 5 seconds. Her dive continue to improve
  • Anthony Corpuz placed 8th in the 200 back, and was really strong in the 200 free
  • Lainey Simmons was not to be denied best times! She grabbed 4 with an awesome effort in the 50 shaving 7 seconds!
  • Aldercy Bui was tuning up for High School placing in 6 events with a best in the 200 breast.
  • Angelina Tung cruised to 3 best times, and put on a clinic in the 100 back.
  • Erin Ware has stepped up her game in practice and it showed up in the meet. He hit 4 best times and a 6 second drop in the 200 back!
  • Molly Sullivan was super tough in the backstroke, and awesome in the 50 and 100 free.
  • Mason Margrini showed why he was swimmer of the month, placing in 4 events and improving in both the 25 and 50 back events.
  • Lael Maldonado, placing in three events - the 25 back and breast, and the 50 free, hit 100% best times - super!
  • Harper McCallister jumped on the 100% best time train and placed in 4 events - nice!
  • Kylie Blake went crazy in her freestyle events the 50, 100 and 200 knocking off 8 in the 200 free!
  • Maddox McCallister hit 5 best times with a 5 second slash in the 50 free.
  • Jordyn Nwaneri  went ballistic with 100 % best times and huge improvements in all her events - super job!!
  • Ava Puente nailed 3 best times dropping 3 in the 50 free and 6 in the 50 breast
  • Reece Rodriguez went bonkers in both the backstroke events dropping 7 in the 100.
  • Jordan Soliah contributed to the best time band wagon with 3 with a breath taking performance in the 50 back
  • Edgar Fernandez hit his best in the 100 free and cruised to a 5 place finish in the 500.
  • Bekah Lindblade continues her improvement streak knocking off 1 second in the 200 breast and winning the 100 fly!
  • Leah Sullivan showed her consistency as she speed to great performances in the 100 fly &  back, and the 200 IM
  • Jackson Dement showed up for his tune up for High School districts, winning both 100 back and free events in best times.
  • Jonathan Ware - getting ready for districts, won the 500 free, placed 2nd in the 100 free, and crushed the 200 breast, dropping 12 seconds!