Change in Practice Schedule for Tuesdays

Starting February 6, there will be a change in the Practice Schedule for Tuesdays. 

The younger groups will switch with the older groups and go to the High school for Practice.This will give the younger groups a chance to practice diving off the blocks at the high school.

The switch will be as follows: 

Blue & White 2: 6:00-7:00 PM @ HS 

Red & White: 7:00-8:00 PM @ HS 

Senior & Senior Elite:6:00-8:00 PM @ REC 


A few things to keep in mind while at the high school: 

1- We are guests of the High school and we expect everyone to follow the rules

2- Obey the traffic pattern at the high school. Enter on Blackheath and park in the back near water. Then you can walk your child in, up the stairs and to the left where the pool is. Exit through lagoon drive. 

3- We have access to the pool only! !

4- No parents are allowed on the pool deck. You can watch practice if you wish from the viewing area, not the bleachers. Bring a chair, there are none there. 

5- We expect the pool, locker rooms, and viewing area to be left exactly as you found it. Neat and clean

6- When practice is over, you are expected to shower, get dressed and leave. There is no "hanging around" after practice

If you have any questions, please ask your childs coach. 

As always- remember to the check the calendar!