WEST Weekly Part II

Hello WEST Families,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Here are some updates that were left out of our previous WEST Weekly this week:

Officials Needed:

There is an opportunity to be active in your swimmer’s activities, interact with some great people, eat exceptional food, get cool clothing and work at your own schedule.  WEST Officials need your help to make the meets run smoothly.  There will be a 2-hour entertaining clinic (the Officials duties are not difficult) this Saturday between the morning and afternoon sessions at the Winter Challenge Meeting at Kamiak High School.  Please contact Dave Guffey ( ) if you are interested in taking the course (WEST reimburses you for the clinic and registration fees).  You can also contact other WEST officials if you have questions (Dan Limberg, Hera Phung, Craig Ferguson, Vivien Domingo, Quan Liu, Ray Fang, Aline Bensen, Robert Nims)


February Olympian Clinic Timeline

WEST has finalized our plans with Olympian Jacob Pebley when he visits WEST on February 2-3. Here is our tentative schedule:

Friday Night 

Jacob arrives 4:30-5 and watches Senior and Senior Elite practice until 6:30pm.


ON DECK:  Jacob will be working with Pre-Comp, Explore, Discover, Challenge during their practice.

GYM: Walt & Cheslah Pebley discuss the journey of raising a high level athlete in the sport of swimming with parents of same groups. 


Saturday AM


Senior Elite & Senior Practice practice 


ON DECK Jacob works with Accelerate, Senior, Sr Elite.

GYM: Walt & Cheslah in with parents of same groups.


Happy swimming everyone - Good luck to all our swimmers competing this weekend!


-WEST Coaching Staff