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Volume 2, Issue 2


"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others."
~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Congratulations to all our swimmers who swam at meets this month!  We had a great month where we had a performance clinic hosted by Mark Hese!  If you missed the parents presentation you can access some of the nutrition material here.  You can also access the parent's guide presentation here.

Championship season has finally arrived!  Good luck to our swimmers as they compete through out this and next month!  We would like all swimmers to participate in the championship season.  There is something for everyone.  If your swimmer does not have state times then they should compete at the B Championships.  If they do have state times then they should compete in the Club State Championships.  Please be aware that no matter which meet your swimmer is swimming in; they might be chosen to represent MAKO on a relay at Club State.
No Practice Dates
  • February 3rd for a High School Meet
  • February 10th for the Last Chance Meet
  • March 1st-3rd for State
  • March 5th for State
10th High School Districts
  • Good Luck MAKO High school swimmers!
10th-11th Last Chance Meet
  • This is a no time standard meet where swimmers can try to get some state qualifying times
16th-17th High School State
  • Congratulations and good luck to our swimmer who made High School State!
  20th  Team Pictures
  • We will have our team pictures!  Click here for more information

 24th-25th B Championships
  • Hosted in Taos.  This is an end of season Championship that is open for swimmers to swim any event that they do not have a State qualifying time in.  Reminder that if swim here you may not swim individual events at club state.  You may swim relays at club state even if you swam in this meet.  If you need more clarification please reach out to Coach Jeremiah.
March 1st-4th Club State Championships
  • Hosted at West Mesa.  This meet is for anyone that has state qualifying times in an event and that has not swam at B Champs.  This meet is also for the swimmers that were chosen to represent MAKO in a relay.  Please check the event page to see if your swimmer was selected.  If your swimmer was not selected it was because we could not form anymore relays.  Please continue to encourage your swimmers to try their best!



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Psychological resilience for athletes – a demystification…

“Difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter.” – Dan Reeves (Former NFL athlete and head coach)

Resilience. It has become a buzzword of modern self-help inside and out of the sporting world. It is touted as necessary for success; but has been criticized heavily for the use of ill-defined terminology and unqualified results. The term seems to have become disingenuous, with every organization and leader claiming to be building resilience. The whole murky business needs demystifying. What is resilience? Can it contribute to sustained high performance? Can we develop or teach it, and should we? Recent evidence would suggest that it can, and we should, given the right conditions.

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Success Board


Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 10 & Under 100 Back Espinosa, Lucas H 01/07/2018 1:28.21

B League Series #4
Lucas Espinosa 4th 100 Fr, 5th 100 Fly, 2nd 200IM
Nate Paul 7th 100 Fr
Xavier King 8th 100 Fr
Dylan Bonnett 2nd 200IM, 3rd 100 Fr, 4th 100 Bk, 3rd 100 Bk
Trenton McDonald 4th 100 Fr, 5th 100 Br
Jason McDonald 5th 100 Fr
Michael Dryga 8th 100 Fr, 7th 100 Bk
Tony Sirignano 2nd 100 Fr, 2nd 100 Bk, 2nd 100 Fly, 1st 400IM
Jake Ahyo 3rd 100 Fr, 3rd 100 Bk
Connor Fuchs 4th 100 Fr, 8th 100 Br
Brandon Maier 6th 100 Fr, 8th 100 Bk
Luke Bemish 7th 100 Fr, 5th 100 Bk, 5th 100 Br, 3rd 100 Fly
Rilee Jones 8th 100 Fr, 5th 100 Fly
McKenzie Cox 1st 100 Fly, 4th 100 Fr, 8th 100 Bk
Jordan Ayers 6th 100 Fr
Ashlee Mainella 4th 200IM, 7th 100 Fr
Maya Bonnett 6th 50 Bk, 3rd 50 Br
Ben Paul 1st 100 Fly, 5th 100 Bk, 4th 200IM
Gracie Espinosa 1st 100 Bk, 1st 100 Br, 1st 200IM
Madi Woods-Marks 8th 100 Br
Jordan Ayers 5th 100 Bk
Sebastian King 8th 100 Bk
Marina Weidman 6th 100 Br
Kennedy King 5th 200IM

DUKE Distance Meet
Michael Dryga 7th 50 Fr
Gracie Espinosa 8th 100 Br
Micah Lawson 2nd 200IM, 2nd 100 Br, 5th 100 Bk, 6th 100 Fly
Ben Paul 5th 50 Br, 6th 50 Fly
Caleb Weir 4th 100 Bk, 5th 200 Bk, 6th 100 Fr, 7th 500 Fr
Happy Birthday to our February Birthday Swimmers!
Nathan Paul
Benjamin Paul
Eli Meyer
Cameron Martin
Savannah    Schultz
Aili Cassidy
Kylee Sells
Addyson Perez
Meleana Zevenbergen
Ella Burkett
Connor Fuchs
Taylon Ortiz
CJ Newcomer 
Michael Youngblood
Cutter Howe
Dylan Bonnett