Looking for Sponsors

We are actively searching for sponsorships or donations. The sponsorship packet can be found here. We want to commitment from sponsors by March 15th. The Willow Creek 3 Swim Team is a 501c3 organization under the IRS guidelines. 

Why Sponsor the Willow Creek 3 Swim Team?

Sponsorships with the WC3 Swim Team will allow for unique and exclusive access to the parents within Willow Creek 3 as well as the surrounding areas. Our swim team season runs for 10 weeks with the swimmers and parents at the pool 6 days a week. While it is a short season, the swim team experience is intense.

How Will My Sponsorship Funds Be Utilized?

The major cost for our swim club is paying our coaches a fair wage. In order to hire quality coaches, we must be able to offer a competitive salary. Due to the minimum wage increase, we are finding this to be harder and harder. We don’t want to put a further financial burden on our swim families. As a swim team board, we prefer to bring back our coaches’ year after year.

Important Points on Sponsorships:

Sponsorships will be offered first come, first serve basis. Reserve your spot in line by emailing fundraising@wc3dolphins.com.

Sponsorships are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 84-1200563.

A donation or sponsorship can remain anonymous. Donations are welcome from individuals.

Thank you for your interest in WC3 Dolphins Swim Team sponsorship opportunities. 



Personal Pledges
In addition, we are happy to accept personal donations. The Willow Creek 3 Swim Team is a 501c3 organization under the IRS guidelines. Please find the attached form here and return to our treasurer, Laura Ream.