WEST Weekly

Hello WEST Families,

Great job to all our swimmers who competed at Winter Challenge this past weekend! We had a lot of fast swimming and couldn’t be happier with how everyone swam. Please keep these updates in mind as we head into a new week:

Annual Open Board Meeting – TONIGHT Monday, Jan 29th @ MCCA Building

We will be holding our annual open board meeting on Monday, Jan 29th. We will review the budget from last year, discuss plans for the facility and hold our annual vote of confidence. The meeting is TONIGHT and will be at 6:30pm in the MCCA building adjacent to WEST.

Olympian Clinic Timeline

Olympian Jacob Pebley will be at WEST this Friday & Saturday (Feb 2-3)! We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity for him to work one on one with our swimmers. Our schedule this weekend will go as follows:

Friday Night 

Jacob arrives 4:30-5 and watches Senior and Senior Elite practice until 6:30pm.


ON DECK: Jacob will be working with Pre-Comp, Explore, Discover, Challenge during their practice.

GYM: Walt & Cheslah Pebley discuss the journey of raising a high level athlete in the sport of swimming with parents of same groups. 

Accelerate: NO PRACTICE.


Saturday AM


Senior Elite & Senior practice.


ON DECK Jacob works with Accelerate, Senior, Sr Elite.

GYM: Walt & Cheslah with parents of same groups.

Challenge & Disco: NO PRACTICE

Explorer, PreComp: Normal Practice


See you at the pool!


-WEST Coaching Staff