Three Poloists Earn ODP National Team Spots

AQTX poloists earn USA Water Polo ODP team spots.

Congratulations to Kendall, Callie & Delaney!


Callie, Delaney, and Kendall have all earned roster spots for the 2018 Olympic Development Program National Championships. Congratulations to all of them for proving themselves to USA Water Polo National Team and Southwest Zone coaches.

The three will travel to the Tri-Valley region of California in March to take on some of the best athletes from throughout the US. Callie and Delaney were selected to the Southwest Zone Youth team while Kendall was chosen to play on the West All-Stars, a new program for high school seniors. They are the first AquaTex athletes to ever earn this honor.

Nearly 100 athletes from throughout Texas tried out for ODP in the 2017-18 season. Well done to Riley and Lexi who participated in ODP for the first time. We hope to have even more of our players taking part beginning in September.

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