Winter Challenge Meet Recap

Winter Challenge Meet Recap


Over this past weekend, we had about 100 Wave athletes travel to the Evergreen State College to attend the Winter Challenge meet. While we had a brief power outage during the meet, there was no power outage in the pool as Wave athletes put together many high energy races.


You can see the Meet Results here:


You can see the Athlete Improvement Report here:



The following Wave athletes made new USA Swimming Motivational Times this past weekend:

Aidan Blackmon (14) AAA 200 IM

Simone Boczar (8) B 100 IM

Alex Boyko (14) B 200 Back

Laney Brackett (13) B 100 Fly, BB 500 Free

Alexandre Claux (12) B 200 Back, B 200 Fly

Jewel Hau (13) B 200 Back

Nicholas Imig (14) BB 200 Back, BB 200 Free, A 50 Free

Aarjav Jain (11) B 100 Breast, BB 200 Free

Khanak Jain (10) B 100 Breast

Suhas Kannam (14) BB 200 Free, BB 500 Free

Samyukta Kaushik (11) BB 200 Back, BB 200 Fly

Cora Ledrick (8) B 100 IM

Kyle Li (10) B 100 Fly

Bianca Lungu (12) B 100 Free, B 50 Back, BB 50 Free

Skyler Masse (10) B 100 Fly

Mehek Mathur (10) B 100 IM

Ethan Na (10) BB 100 Back

Kevin Ni (8) B 100 Back, B 100 Breast, B 50 Back

Cameron Piepkorn (11) BB 200 IM

Alexandru Popov (12) B 50 Free

Anindita Purkayastha (9) B 100 Back, B 100 Breast

Boris Shakhov (10) B 200 Free

Liron Shani (10) B 200 IM

Gianna Tan (13) BB 400 IM

Judy Wang (10) B 100 Breast, B 100 Fly, B 200 Free, BB 50 Back, B 50 Free

Daniel Xia (9) B 100 Back, B 100 Breast


Some practice group highlights:

Challenge 2/JAC

Cameryn Brown had a nice 200 Freestyle and swam the 200 IM for the first time. Arlene Shergill and Judy Wang had best times in all of their events. Zoe Piepkorn and Kevin Ni both won multiple 8 & Under events, Matthew Choy won the 8 & Under 100 IM.


Challenge 2/RAC

Cora Ledrick won two 8 & Under events including the 100 IM. Vidhi Mehrotra, Shriya Palekar and Boris Shakhov all successfully swam the 200 IM for the first time. Liron Shani had 100% best times.  


Achieve 1/JAC

Anna Koblova had 100% best times, Tyler Leeson and Eleanor Miller showed significant improvement in their races.


Achieve 1/RAC

Aadhav Saravanan had all best times. Joseph Nguyen, Leo Miao and Kohki Kita made big drops in their 200’s.


Achieve 2/JAC

Ethan Na and Shea Skarda had strong meets with all best times. Artur Sobol raced well and had some big drops including a seven second drop in his 100 Breaststroke.


Achieve 2/RAC

Ori Ami ad, Luke Barnett, Owen Ledrick and Bianca Lungu all swam 100% best times. Sanjana Desai and Bianca Lungu both swam the 500 Free for the first time.



Laney Brackett swam all best times. Alexandre Claux (200 Back, 200 Fly), Jewel Hau (200 Back, 200 Breast), Samyukta Kaushik (200 Fly) each completed first time 200’s of the strokes and swam with really great effort on those new races.



Anna Feeney and Nicholas Imig each had all best times.



Brody Soedel had a nice drop in his 500 Free. Olivia Lautman had a big drop in her 50 Fly.



The HP group swam hard in their ‘off’ events with some nice results. Aidan Blackmon and Ella Marzec had a nice weekend with their IM’s, Isabella Bono posted a strong swim in her 200 Back.