January Meet Re-Caps

The Northfield Swim Club has taken part in three recent meets in January.  There were strong performances at all.  Below are the re-caps.

Foxjet Winter Classic (1/19-1/21)

We had a smaller crew of eight attend this meet and together they had 65% best times and a new Champ time was added.  Owen Edstrom, Clare Liebl and Elise Thompson all dropped in all the races they competed in.  Owen as well added a Champ time in yards in the 50 free.

Hastings Conference Meet (1/26)

We had fifteen swimmers make the trek to Hastings and they combined had 67% best times.  Amongst those swims were six new C times and three new B times.  We had two swimmers compete in their first meet ever (Haylie Budahn and Keenan Bugayev) and both did terrific in their swims and learned a lot about the meet process.  Having big meets and dropping in all three of their swims were Berit Aylin, Ben Berglund and Edda Olson.  Berit swam three brand new races, Ben added a B time and C time as well as dropped 10 seconds in his 50 free, and Edda also added a B time amongst her swims.

Penguin Invite in Mankato (1/28)

We had 38 swimmers in Mankato for the Penguin Invite.  The group combined for 51% best times.  Seven new BB, nine new B and twelve new C times were added.  We had some swimmers turn in great meets!  On the girl’s side Ella Anderson, Charlotte Flory, Ella Hegland, Maria Hegland, Alivia Kortuem, and Gwen Tapper swam great.  Ella dropped in all four races and added a C, B and BB time.  Charlotte was near perfect 3/4 and added a B and BB time.  Ella dropped in all and added a B time.  Maria dropped in all and added three new BB times.  Alivia dropped in all (including from a swim she swam on Friday) and added three new C times.  Gwen nearly dropped in all going 3/4 and added a new C and new B time.  On the boy’s side Nathaniel Dahl, Sam Erickson and Peter Larson had big meets.  Nathaniel dropped in all four races and raced to two new C times.  Sam had good sized drops in all four of his races.  Peter was a near perfect 3/4 in his races and won a gift a card!

Great job to all who attended these meets.  Good steps were taken in all and continue to lead towards a successful Championship Season!  To see full results go to ‘My Account’ then ‘My Meet Results’ then ‘Results by Meets’.