Olympian Clinic Feb 2-3 Reminder

Good Evening WEST Families,


Olympian Clinic Timeline

We’re very happy to welcome 2016 Olympian and current USA National Team Athlete Jacob Pebley to WEST this Friday & Saturday (Feb 2-3.) We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity for him to work one on one with our hard-working swimmers over two days. We have made a slight adjustment to where the parent’s presentation will be, as it has moved from the WEST gym to the MCCA Building adjacent to the pool. Just to reiterate our schedule this weekend will go as follows:


Friday Night

Jacob arrives 4:30-5 and watches Senior and Senior Elite practice until 6:30pm.


ON DECK: Jacob will be working with Pre-Comp, Explore, Discover, Challenge during their practice.

MCCA Building: Walt & Cheslah Pebley discuss the journey of raising a high level athlete in the sport of swimming with parents of same groups.

Accelerate: NO PRACTICE


Saturday AM


Senior Elite & Senior practice normal.



ON DECK Jacob works with Accelerate, Senior, Sr Elite

MCCA Building: Walt & Cheslah Pebley talk with parents of same groups that are in the water.


Challenge & Disco: NO PRACTICE

Explorer, PreComp: Normal Practice


PreComp Note:

As part of our team registration fee, each year round competitive swimmer paid $100 to help book this Olympian Clinic with Jacob Pebley and his parents. We have opened up Friday night’s clinic to Precomp 1 & 2 swimmers, however we do ask that any Precomp swimmers and parents who attend pay $30 total per swimmer. If you & your swimmer would like to attend Friday evening’s clinic, please have them let Coach Ethan know at practice tonight. We will also have a sign in sheet with Coach Ethan the Friday evening of the clinic that the swimmers can sign in for. The $30 fee will be applied to your billing account for the next month. Also, $30 will be prorated from the year round registration if the precomp swimmer moves up to team this competitive year. Precomp parents are also welcome and encouraged to attend the parent talk held at the MCCA building adjacent to WEST.


For any questions or concerns, please direct them to Coach Tim at


See you at the pool!


-WEST Coaching Staff