Hello EMAC Swimmers and Families

We have some exciting news on several fronts to announce and some more items to communicate.


As we mentioned in our early-season meetings, we are committed to building our coaching staff until we have the best coaching staff anywhere. 

We have two new coaching additions that you may have seen at the pool.

Pat O’Connor

Coach Pat has joined the EMAC staff.  Pat, the older brother of Coach Tim, brings to our team an impressive resume and ability to develop athletes across all levels.  He also brings with him an expertise in Triathlon training.  With his guidance, we will be adding some Triathlon opportunities for our swimmers and our organization.   Coach Pat will mostly be working with the Junior Group until the HS swimming season is over as he is also the Head Coach of Salisbury HS.   

Chris Gally

Coach Chris has also joined the EMAC staff.  Chris has  Annika, that swims on EMAC.  Chris has an impressive competitive swimming resume and extensive coaching experience that will serve our membership well.  His desire is to give back to the sport.  He will likely be spending most of his time with the Junior Group as that is what his scheduled permits. 

Click HERE to see BIOs for Coaches Chris and Pat.  

Coach Brooke will also be returning to EMAC shortly.  Coach Brooke was hired in August as a recent college graduate and NCAA Qualifier at Nova Souteastern University.  She quickly landed a full-time job and has not been on-deck much since due to her extensive training program for her new position.  Her training is scheduled to end in mid-February, and she will be returning to work with the Skills and Junior Groups at that time. 


Coach Doug:  Head Coach/CEO

The vision for the team is to have the Head Coach establish a system of development, recruit and employ competent coaches who fit into our system and empower/educate those coaches so that they can best serve our membership. 

To that end, the Head Coach will have near-daily interaction with all coaches and all groups. By doing so he/she can have a much greater impact on the team by improving the collective knowledge and synergy of the coaching staff.

Coach Mike: Head Age Group Coach

The vision for our Head Group Coach is to handle responsibilities such as practice planning, coach scheduling, on-deck swimmer instruction, on-deck coach direction, membership communication, meet coaching, and entries.  The Head Age Group Coach will always be more concerned with long-term potential than short-term gain as it is his/her responsibility to help these swimmers begin to navigate what we hope will be a long, successful swimming career. 

Coach Tim: Head Senior Coach

The vision for our Head Senior Group Coach is to handle responsibilities such as practice planning, coach scheduling, on-deck swimmer instruction, on-deck coach direction, membership communication, meet coaching, and entries.  The Head Senior Coach will balance the quest for long-term potential with the increasing need for short-term outcomes of athletes that likely have dreams of swimming in college. 

Assistant Coaches:  Coach Greg, Coach Lauren, Coach Pat, Coach Chris, Coach Brooke

Our assistant coaches will play the role of assisting the Head Age Group Coach and/or Head Senior Coach.  The monthly, weekly, daily roles of these coaches is determined and communicated by the Head Age Group Coach and Head Senior Coach. 

Understandably, EMAC went through a period of change and uncertainty in coaching.  There was a Head Coach opening.  Early in the year, two assistant coaches opted to take jobs that better served their professional interests.  We lost another coach temporarily to a full-time job training. 

It’s amazing to think that we’ve come through that time and we now have the best coaching staff in the Lehigh Valley top-to-bottom.   This is the beginning of our ascension back to the top of Middle Atlantic Swimming and USA Swimming. 

We are not done building this staff, however.  There may be more very exciting news shortly. 


There has been some confusion over the last two meets regarding entries, and we are striving to do better. 

Take the entries for the Duck Hunt’n Derby, for example.  Entries for the Duck Hunt’n Derby opened on November 1.  We had our rough-draft file in exactly at midnight on Nov 1, which means these entries were originally done in October.  Coach Mike joined the team in late November, after the original entry file was sent in.   Coach Mike worked hard to quickly acclimate himself.  While Coach Mike was learning the swimmers, and taking control of the group, I continually worked to make updates to entries based on what we saw at practice and meets.  We were in transition, but not fully transitioned.  Coach Mike now feels confident enough to take over the entire entry process for the Skills/Junior Group, and that is the direction we have taken with the Duck Hunt’n Derby and our Champs meets.   We anticipate less confusion with one coach in charge of the process.  If the Skills Group or Junior Group swimmers have any questions, please have them see Coach Mike.  If your children have concerns and are not yet comfortable going to a coach, feel free to shoot Mike an email explaining that the swimmer is nervous about coming to the coach.  Coaches can only seek out opportunities to help athletes if they are aware of the issue. 

We are also working on resolving apparent conflicts between coaching expectations and what parents see when they are registering for meets.  Thank you to the few parents who have reached out to help us get our messages straight. 


In recent years, Middle Atlantic Meets have begun to fill up within minutes of opening.  This is the reason teams either don’t have their entries accepted or are kicked out of meets.   This has necessitated a strategy of submitting a rough-draft entry file at midnight on the opening day.  Entries for the Duck Hunt’n Derby, for example, opened on November 1.  I sent in a file exactly at 12:00 am on November 1 to ensure that our team had a spot in a meet on February 10th.  It is not reasonable for any coach to be able to accurately predict in October the entry needs of his/her athletes in February. 

Going forward, membership should expect our first entry file to be a rough draft.  Membership should also expect that the entry file will be updated and changed several times.  The abilities and achievements of swimmers can change weekly.  For this reason, a coach who is aware and responsive to the ever-changing needs of an athlete will seek to make changes up until the last week of a meet if possible.  For example, we had many athletes make their silver champs cuts in our meet last weekend.  Coach Mike spent a lot of time reviewing the results and making necessary adjustments to entries to put the swimmers in a better position to achieve new time standards in the Duck Hunt’n Derby.  


Currently we have 31 swimmers signed up for Silver Champs.   Based on our last assessment, we are expecting over 60 swimmers to enter this meet. 

Please make sure to make your commitments to the champs meets.  If you have any questions as to which meet(s) your swimmer should attend, please let Coach Mike or Coach Tim know. 

8&U swimmers:  look for an email from Coach Mike regarding our February Mini Meet at SJAC. 

The entire coaching staff is looking forward to both the preparation for and performances at Champs Season. 

Go EMAC!!!