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Schedule Changes for GAC this Week!

Schedule Changes for GAC this Week

Please note the following changes to the GAC schedule this week and next (we plan to release a GAC calendar by mid-week for rest of month and through mid-March); National Prep, National 1, and National 2 will be affected various days 30 mins - 1 hour, please review carefully!  

We are emailing out to all of our Nat Prep, Nat 1, Nat 2, Flex AM groups and even senior groups so you will all know even though you may/may not be affected or affected all days.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday am mornings are 5:15-7am:

All normal, no changes, Nat 1, Nat 2, and Nat Prep!

Monday (today) at GAC: Starting 30 mins late, 6:30-8:30pm 

Nat 2 and Nat Prep: We will not be able to get in the water until 6:45pm at the earliest (7pm at latest). We apologize for late notice, just found out!

Nat 1 at Bryan YMCA: Normal times, 5:30-7:45pm, no changes.

Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings:

Normal, no changes 6:00-8:30pm, Nat 1 and Nat 2 groups!

Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm:

Nat 1/Nat 2 Groups: We get in the water at 5:30, please arrive at 5:15pm to get ready with light stretching.  This is bumped up 1 hour to allow ODAC conference teams to use pool for warm-ups at 7:30pm, so we'll need to be out at 7:30pm.

Friday PM (No Flex Friday, practices are at Bryan YMCA):

No Flex Friday!  Last GAC practice is Friday AM 5:15-7am!

Important Notes:

Friday AM is normal, but there is NO FLEX Friday at GAC due to ODAC Championship Meet (college conference meet featuring several former GCY swimmers!).

Friday Afternoon and Saturday morning will be normal times at Bryan YMCA, with a Ragsdale option this weekend too!

Sunday: We do plan to offer a practice Sunday afternoon, it will be either 12-1:30pm at Bryan OR 1:00-2:30 at GAC

Next Week (Feb 12-18) will be major changes since ACC's are at GAC Tuesday-Friday and there is a State Championship Meet on Monday, Feb 12th (Private Schools State Champs).

State Champs Notes:

High School State Champs Meets - We want you to swim fast!  We will be doing NORMAL practices EXCEPT 2 days prior allow "early outs" and one day prior a light warm-up, patterns are outlined below, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Thursday (Feb 8), NCHSAA 3A States in Cary, NC - Swimmers affected out early on Tuesday (8pm), light warm-up on Wednesday evening

Friday (Feb 9), NCHSAA 1A/2A States in Cary, NC - Swimmers affected out early on Wednesday (8pm), light warm-up on Thursday evening

Saturday (Feb 10), NCHSAA 4A States in Cary, NC - Swimmers affected out early on Thursday (7pm), light warm-up on Friday evening

Monday (Feb 19),NCISAA States in Greensboro, NC - Swimmers affected out early on Saturday AM (8:30am), light warm-up on Sunday afternoon

Virginia State HS Championships - Please follow same pattern, I believe you are Feb 15-17 but not 100% (light warm-up day prior, out early 2 days prior).