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Tech Suit Fitting - February 8th

Tech Suit Fitting
Thursday, February 8th
New Trier Northfield Campus


Kiefer will be bringing tech suits for purchase and fitting. Tech suits are recommended for athletes 11 & Older only who have qualified for top level competition. Please check with your coaching staff to see if a tech suit is right for your athlete. 

The technology of the "tech suit" is to enhance muscle compression and magnify body position in the water. This is best used as a complement to fast training and just because a suit is the most expensive does not mean it is the right suit for your athlete. Athletes with compact amounts of muscle fiber will see less of an impact than athletes with a more significant amount of mass. 
At New Trier Aquatics, we encourage and promote hard work, discipline and good sportsmanship & spirit as a means for positive performance.  The "tech suit" is the equivalent to adding an alumninum bat or a titanium bike frame - they are nice, but if you don't develop fundamentals and good training habits first, the "tech suit" can only help so much in the long term potential and involvement of your athlete in the sport.  Understand that this purchase demonstrates an investment & commitment in their passion for swimming not an investment in the final result or performance at a meet. 

TYR now offers three price levels of tech suit

The Thresher - an entry level tech suit new to the brand in 2018 - great for the younger swimmer or the first time tech-suit athlete as it is a lower price point. Lasts for multiple meets with proper care
The Tracer Light/B-Series - a great next level tech suit - has a little bit more compression, and a lighter material that requires proper care and delicate handling, but lasts for up to 5 meets
The Avictor - the highest level of tech suit TYR offers - has significant compression and offers a closed back option for ladies. This is the lightest material but also the most sensitive. Usually this suit will max out after 20-24 swims, and requires extrordinary care for maximum wear. 

Proper care of a tech suit: 
Handwash after each usage with soap and water and hang to air dry in warm but not hot air
Stretch lightly before putting the suit on at the legs and straps
Take time to put suit on as the suit may fit 1-2 sizes SMALLER than a normal competition suit. 

Remember - your athlete will not "grow into" a tech suit by the time they finish using it. Purchase the suit that fits them best. The fit should be quite snug, bordering on uncomfortable on both boys and girls. Our tallest, strongest male & female athletes rarely size above a 27/28, so please make sure to check with coaches and/or Kiefer staff for an appropriate fit.