DBS News from the Pool

Our first meet of the season is in a few days, and we have nearly 300 swimmers coming to compete.


This event is supporting the Cannonballs For Kayne Foundation. 

We encourage all swimmers to attend, remember this is one of the mandatory meets.


SATURDAY February 10, 2018

10:00a-12:00p - Saturday AM Session

12:00p-12:30p - Cannonballs For Kayne

12:30p-1:00p – Warm Ups for Afternoon Session

1:00p-3:15p - Saturday PM Session

3:00p-5:00p - Cannonballs For Kayne Family Fun                                                        

SUNDAY February 11, 2018

10:00a-1:00p - Sunday AM Session

1:00p-1:15p – Warm Ups for Distance Session

1:15p-3:00p - Sunday Distance Session

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Click here for JOB SIGN UP  and click the button on the website to view open positions still available for the Cannonballs For Kayne Invitational. We still have many positions available!!!  If you have already signed up, THANK YOU!!!!  We will have a successful meet with help from all of our families! Please click the button on the website to review your commitments and please update if you need to make changes.  

Remember ALL families are required to provide a volunteer for each swimmer you have in the pool.  First meet, no problem! You can sit this one out and learn the ropes but please sign up to bring an item needed for the meet.


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The social media pages connected to our website are the only official team pages.

We are working hard to streamline all information for the team with our social channels and newsletters.

Please take a few minutes to verify your phone numbers in your account.   We plan to start sending text communication to families with quick updates like pool closures, practice time updates, etc. We feel this will be the most efficient way to get last minute updates or changes out to families and swimmers.  All other pool information will continue to be sent out in the newsletter.

Did you know?
- Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies!