The Weekly Wave (2/8)
If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
Remember habits are learned, choose them wisely.

An amazing opportunity for many of our swimmers to swim ALL FIVE events offered at the meet. What a great way to showcase our versatility, endurance, and dedication as swimmers! Additionally, this gave many swimmers the opportunity to swim an event they might not normally be entered in –what a tremendous learning experience, no matter the outcome! We had so many fantastic swims and, most importantly, many proud Blue Wave swimmers who felt they’d used what they’d learned in practice and executed their personal plans for their races brilliantly.
TOP 8 - Pentathlon Results:
  • Nate Rowley took 1st place in 7&U Boys
  • Matthew Char took 1st place in the 8 YO Boys
  • Jaiden Diaz took 4th in the 8 YO Boys
  • Cooper Fox took 8th in the 8 YO Boys
FOUR Individual Team Records Were Broken:
  • Matthew Char broke three of his own records and one five year old record (25 Backstroke) previously held by Nick Baker​
Male 7-8 25 Backstroke
Old Record: 18.15  
New Record: 17.43
Male 7-8 25 Breaststroke   
Old Record: 19.43
New Record: 19.13
Male 7-8 25 Butterfly
Old Record: 17.32 
New Record: 16.57
Male 7-8 100 IM  
Old Record: 1:25.88 
New Record: 1:22.53
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Mia Barrios: B-50 Fly, B-50 Back
  • Brody Fox: B-50 Fly, B-50 Free
  • Sydney Pattie: BB-100 IM, BB-50 Breast, B-50 Free
Ones in  BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

IM Xtreme Games...
A great meet allowing our 14 & Under athletes an opportunity to compete against some of the eastern regions best swimmers. In order to compete they had to achieve 1800+ points in the USA Swimming’s IMX challenge. Everyone swam great due to the hard work they have been putting in during practice. It was an exciting meet to see so much great swimming!
TOP 16 Results for IMX Challenge
  • Chris Qian took 11th place for 11 YO Boys
  • Isabella Van Ess took 13th place for 13 YO Girls
  • Christina Yang (2165)
2 Swimmers earned their first IMX score of the season:
  • Jasmine Boggs (2776)
  • Christopher Qian (3288)
8 Team Members Bettered Their Previous IMX Scores:
  • Anna Klotz (2390)
  • Samantha Carr (2252)
  • Andrew Char (2990)
  • Charles Barker (1746)
  • Lili Thamasett (1514)
  • Isabella Van Ess (3961)
  • Christina Yang (2165)
  • Lauren Long (2776)
The color is associated with the CLUB TSUNAMI    level they have already achieved.
We broke two individual team records:
  • Isabella Van Ess broke two records, both previously held by Katie Herbstritt, one from 2014 and one from 2015
Female 13-14 200 Breast
Old Record: 2:33.61
New Record: 2:32.68
Female 13-14 400 IM
Old Record: 4:45.60
New Record: 4:43.84            
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Charlie Barker: BB-500 Free
  • Jasmine Boggs: A-200 IM, BB-100 Fly
  • Samantha Carr: BB-500 Free, BB-100 Fly
  • Andrew Char: A-500 Free, A-100 Breast, A-200 IM, BB-100 Fly
  • Michael Coppola: AA-400 IM, A-200 Back
  • Anna Klotz: A-200 IM
  • Lauren Long: AA-200 Breast, AA-400IM, A-200 Back
  • Christopher Qian: AA-100 Back, A-100 Fly, A-200 IM, BB-500 Free
  • Harrison Scarboro: A-200 IM, A-100 Breast, A-50 Breast, BB-100 Back, BB-100 Fly
  • Isabella Van Ess: AAA-400 IM, AA-500 Free, A-200 Free
  • Christina Yang: BB-200 Back, BB-400IM
Ones in  BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

COACH MIKE'S CORNER: What Meditation and Mindfulness Have to Do With Mental Toughness... by  Dr Alan Goldberg of
There is a tendency in the world of sports to be “tough” and put on a brave face no matter what, to push yourself through obstacles with force, and to keep yourself moving because the alternative of slowing down might mean that you’re “falling behind.” But the problem with that full-speed-ahead approach is that it’s bound to burn you out in the long run, and it’s not going to help you mature as an athlete.
Real Mental Toughness requires slowing down both physically and mentally.
Many of the techniques I teach, such as controlling your eyes and ears, staying focused in the NOW, and emphasizing the process over the outcome are a unique way of applying the concept of mindfulness to sports. But if you really want to grow as an athlete it’s helpful to understand the broader definition of mindfulness and apply it to life both on and off the field so that you can benefit in multiple ways.
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PARENT’S CORNER: 15 Things Kids or Teens Say That Could Mean ‘I’m Anxious’ – Where They Come From And How to Respond...  Posted by Karen Young of
Anxiety can be a shady character and can often appear in ways that don’t look like anxiety. Because of this, it can be difficult to know when your child is anxious. Anxiety has been doing its thing since the beginning of humans, and it’s brilliant at it. What it’s not so great at is announcing it’s presence in gentle, clear ways that preserve the capacity for any of us to meet it with a strong, steady, ‘Oh, there you are,’ and an even more powerful, ‘It’s okay, I’m safe – you don’t need to be here right now’.
Anxiety in Children – Why Does Anxiety Happen?
Anxiety is the work of a strong, healthy brain that’s a little overprotective. MORE...

NUTRITION CORNER:  The Six Human Hungers (Infographic)... by Eric Edmeades
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We all know what it’s like to feel hungry — but according to WildFit Founder Eric Edmeades, not all hunger is created equal.
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Human Hungers

"Mediocrity; set the bar low enough and everyone can pretend to be exceptional." –Bruce E. Brown