TAC Board Meeting Minutes

TAC Board Meeting   Fidalgo Pool


Date:  December 6, 2017


Location:   Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes,  WA


Convened:  5: 00 p.m.


Present:  Christine  Mathes, Jason Hunter,  Rob Hoxie, Niabi  Drew Monica Harris, Laurie Bergvall Silvy  Yamazaki, Mitch, and Lissa Snowman



Head Coach Report

Team broke 5 records at Husky Invite. Hoxie place d 18th out of 105. Nathan and Emmett placed top 30. 103 swimmers registered.
Volunteer coach NWAC and still pool open through boys season.
Reach out for work out groups. Friday Harbor, etc.
Possible NWAC parent on the board as a parent rep. Jason to approach.


Treasurers Report

Team unify depositing once a month
Team gear Over budget
$2800 in fall Thunderbird


New Business

The following was discussed:

Mitch from  Fidalgo Pool attended  meets, making sure everyone is on the same page. Lifeguards cant be treated as  independent contractors. TAC to reimburse pool and run through pool  punch in. TAC to write check for reimbursement  to pool. Need to be paid at prevailing wage. TAC to pay at $11.50 this year as budgeted. Pool to subsidize the rest.   Review of lifeguard responsibilities during meet.
January Challenge -  Linda Visick  wanted her to approve meet announcement. Time finals start at 8:50 (10 minutes earlier than usual, not hour as previous told). Concessions Wentworth family able to do concessions. Only clear about $300 for weekends.  A lot of work, little reimbursement, groups not willing.
Motion:  Niabi to buy $200 pizza/hot dog warmer. Laur ie. Rob second. Unanimously  approved.
Christmas bonus: Motion by Rob for Jason to receive $500, Call $400, Jillian $300, Faith and Rachel $100. Second by  Niabi. Unanimously approved.
Silvy  discussed feedback from parents about male swimmer, not appropriate with other kids and acting out. Bruised and harassed in practice . Coach aware of situation. Intermittent. Jason had meeting with parents. Much better job of monitoring behavior in lane. Talking more to kids about behavior in lane . Keep hands to self. First verbal warning, meeting with parents, second lose privilege like locker room and team trips, third suspension.



Next Meeting:  Tentatively planned for  3 January2018.


Meeting Adjourned:   6:05 p.m.