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TAC Board Meeting Minutes

TAC Board Meeting   Fidalgo Pool


Date:  January 3, 2018


Location:   Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes,  WA


Convened:  5: 00 p.m.


Present:  Christine  Mathes, Jason Hunter,  Rob Hoxie, Niabi  Drew Monica Harris, Laurie  Bergvall, Elton Erickson , Mitch, and Lissa Snowman



Head Coach Report

January Challenge this weekend.   7 teams total including TAC. Golds supplying 4 timers for each session.  No older kids coming from BBST.  25 officials needed with new layout.  Set up for meet by older swimmers night before (Nathan  Mathes, Jacob Erickson, Jacob Hoxie, Spencer Snowman)
Niabi  made a motion to not bid for January challenge until later in the year.  Second Lissa.  Approved unanimously.
Jason suggested that team bids for Winter Challenge instead and can add January at a later date.
Jason and Mitch reviewed new proposed electronic communication policy.  Coaches will be instructed on it.  Copy will be emailed ( Niabi) out to all board members for input and  will vote at next board meeting.


New Business

The following was discussed:

Niabi  proposed possible guest speaker on yearly basis for swimmers about sexual harassment and what that would look/feel like to them.  Not for the 10 & under group.   Niabi will ask schools superintendent Mark Wenzel for suggestions.
Niabi  bought hot dog machine that was approved at last meeting.  Monica bought a coffee maker for concessions.
Mitch gave pool update.  Camera system will be live tomorrow.  Working with Jason to meet teams needs.  Still going forward with pool planning. New web site will be live in a couple of days. 



Next Meeting:  Tentatively planned for  7 February2018.


Meeting Adjourned:   5:55 p.m.