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Weekend Practice Updates

Weekend Practice Updates

Good luck, congratulations, and well done to all the High School swimmers partipating in the State Championships this weekend in Cary, NC AND to all of those competing in our Last Chance Meet in Winston-Salem, NC.  SWIM FAST MAKOS!

Here are schedule updates/reminders for the weekend:

Friday, February 9th

No Flex Friday, the GAC is closed!  Normal times at normal sites, Bryan, Ragsdale, and/or Spears!

Saturday, February 10th

Normal practices at Bryan YMCA, but National Prep we will bring you in at 7:00am one more time while we have several competing this weekend, their will be much more lane space at that time, all else is normal, so here is what Saturday morning will look like:

  Flex Makos 1,2&3 Age Group Senior Prep Senior Nat Prep Nat 1 Nat 2
Bryan YMCA  8:30am-10:00am 8:30am-10:00am 8:30am-10:00am 8:30am-10:00am 7:00-10am 7am-9:30am 7:00-10am 7:00-10am


Sunday, February 11th

12:00noon-1:30pm at Bryan YMCA MOVED TO GAC from 1:30-3:15 between sessions at ODAC Champs! for National groups only (Nat Prep, Nat 1, and Nat 2); This will be a basic practice primarily aimed at those who missed a practice over the weekend or latter part of last week due to meets or light meet warm-ups.  It will be approximately 5,000 yards in 90 minutes, so a fairly rigorous practice (but shorter) to start the week or finish the weekend!

Monday, February 12th (National Groups)

All National groups will be at GAC in the morning (5:15-7am normal) and afternoon (no Bryan/GAC split), both practices!  Great day for a double, this will be our ONLY DAY AT GAC next week!

All other sites and times are normal!

February 13th - February 23rd

Modifications/Updates, Bryan YMCA and GAC Swimmers: 

Beginning Tuesday, February 13th, through Friday, February 23rd, we will have to make some schedule updates/modifications, and this may or may not affect some Bryan YMCA swimmers.  GAC swimmers you will defintely be affected as GAC is closed during this time (aproximately same times, but you will have a couple of options).  We will put out our schedule by Saturday mid-day, we are waiting on one or two more confirmations, but all mornings will be at Bryan YMCA (5:15-7am).