PERSONAL BEST: Friday Night at the Races

Hello TEAM!

The following swimmers achieved personal best swim times at the Friday Night at the Races: 1/26

1 PB: Lucas A, Morgan B, Kyndall B, Chasen C, Eric C, Francesca C, Addison F, Brook F, Caroline F, Frannie G, Parker H, Reilly K, Kaitlyn L, Pietro N, Killian P, Albert S, Christopher S, Abby S, Claire Y, Allanah W, Aycen W.

2 PB: Kendall A, Genevieve B, Lennox B, Ximena G, Mirabella G, Annie G, Cameron M, Julianne M, Phyo N, Ethan P, Bruno R, Abigail S, Peyton S, Maddie T, Sadie V, Lilly W, Tanner Y, 

3 PB: Caitlyn B, Makena B, Alice D, Tinsley G, Tanner H, Emily L, Caroline T, 

4 PB: Carter A, Reade G, Sofia K, Player M, Bianca N, Gray T, Carter W, 

Way to go Swim GSA on your BEAST points!!