Senior Champs!!!

Sharks are going to Senior Champs next weekend!  This means there will be practice changes, but first let's congratulate our teammates qualified for the meet!  


Nic Morris and Nick Guerriero are representing SAC in Cary.  Nick G is going to his first Senior Champs!!  Make sure you recognize these guys and send them of with a "Go Sharks!"


Practice on Thursday 2/15 will be at King's Mountain instead of Shelby - 

  • Hammerheads 5:30-6:30
  • Tigersharks 5:30-6:45
  • Mako 5:30-7:15
  • Senior 5:30-7:30

Practice on Friday 2/16 will also be at Kings Mountain -

  • Mako 5:30-7:15
  • Senior 5:30-7:30

There will be no practice on Saturday 2/17!