Fundraiser - Bartlet Pool Upgrades

Bartlett Pool’s scoreboards and their operating system were installed in 2004. In that year, the top selling mobile phones were the Nokia 2600 and the Motorola RAZR V3, social media platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, and Myspace were in their infancy, and Bluetooth technology was considered cutting edge. How much has technology evolved since then? Smartphones as we know them were not even available when our scoreboards were installed; we are operating our swim meets with technology that is three years older than the first iPhone! Would you be content to run your life with the aid of a flip phone knowing that a handheld super computer was available that could do a much better job? Absolutely not!

It is not just that the scoreboards and the operating system are comparatively stone-age; we have found it more and more difficult to update the existing software as well. With our inability to keep the timing system in good working order, we sacrifice accuracy and dependability that our swimmers and coaches rely on during each competition.

A donation to Central Area Swimming’s campaign via the GoFundMe account will allow us to run our swim meets and display our athlete’s results with updated technology.

Make your donation today!