Proud Supporters of the Legends
Evergreen Recycling Program


St. John's Legends now have an active recycling account at all four Evergreen Recycling locations.  Any proceeds from recycling that our members drop off will be credited to our account.  No need to stand in long lines!  Simply go to the side counter where you will see a label dispenser and a touch screen.  Punch in our account number (8643802 our office phone number), enter the number of bags you are dropping off, the correct number of labels will print, attach these to your bags and toss them in the corner.  That's it.  The items will be counted and credited to our account.  What a great way to help the environment while also helping your swim club!


Access is easy.  Recyclables can be dropped off at either of the following four locations in St. John’s.  Don't forget it is easy!!!  The account is listed under ‘St. John’s Legends’ and phone number 864-3802.  Simply key in the phone number as 8643802, affix the produced sticker to your bag of recycles, and pass it through the opening.  

Four Locations:

  • 79 Blackmarsh Road
  • Corner of Cowan Avenue & Waterford Bridge Road
  • Regatta Plaza – 92 Elizabeth Avenue
  • 858-860 Torbay Road

For hours and days of operation, please check out the following website.