Club News February 12th 2017

"The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity." 

-Joshua Waitzkin


Up Coming Events:


Mini Meet: February 17th Registration Deadline February 15th

Mini Squad will be having their final Mini Meet on Saturday February 17th.  If your swimmer hasn’t had the chance to attend one this is a great opportunity to get one in before the end of the season.  All Junior and Mini Squad swimmers are welcome!  Muffins, juice and fruit after the races!

When: Saturday February 17th, 7:30-9am

Cost: $5

Reminder to parents that we will need volunteers to time and start.  We can’t do it without you amazing people!


Pro D Day Clinic: February 16th 2018 Registration Deadline Feb 15th

This is a technique clinic for Juniors and Up swimmers.  Academy swimmers will run a variety of stations focusing on both basic and advanced skills of strokes, turns and starts.  Don't miss this opportunity to be video-taped and have some feedback from some of the best swimmers in our club.

Minimum Numbers required.  If you are planning on attending sign up now or the event may be cancelled.

This is a fundraising event for our Academy swimmer’s dryland program and equipment.


February Team Practice:  4:00-5:30  February 23rd MINI SQUAD SWIMMERS ONLY.


February Time Trial: February 23rd Registration Deadline Feb 18th

This is a club time trial for Juniors and up swimmers.

Includes all events. This is the last change for swimmers to make their Tier times if they are not attending the Salmon Arm Meet.

All Juniors and up attend 3:30 - 5:30pm.  We will need parents to help out with the timing for this session. The Time Trial is free as long as you sign up on time and have a parent volunteer.  If you are late to sign up, don't show up or don't have a parent to help with the timing, it will cost $10 (Academy swimmers are exempt as they are old enough to time for each other).


Mini Squad, Juniors, Super Juniors and Intermediate Eat Together Dinner and Team Activity: 

Registration deadline Feb 21st Sign up on the website.

When: Feb 23rd 5:30-7:30 following Team Practice for Mini Squad, Club time trial for Juniors & up.

Where: Meeting room 4- the one beside the pool.

What:  Pasta dinner (parent volunteer sign-up on the website)

Mini Squad swimmers will watch a movie after dinner.  Cost: $5

Juniors & up swimmers will walk over to the bowling alley to bowl until 8pm.  There is a separate sign up on the website for bowling. Cost $10


Age Group Eat Together Dinner: February 23rd Mykonos Restaurant

Following the Time Trial Age Group Swimmers will head to Mykonos for pizza for our 2nd Annual Eat Together event. Please sign up on the website.

Where: Mykonos Restaurant, 328 Main St

When: 6:00-7:30

Cost: $10 per swimmer.

Parents please drop off and pick up at the restaurant. This event is for AGE GROUP SWIMMERS ONLY.


KAJ March Jamboree:  Sunday March 4th Registration Deadline February 22nd

Hosted by Kelowna Aquajets 

H2O Adventre Centre, 4075 Gordon Drive, Kelowna

All eligible KISU Jamboree swimmers should attend.

More information will be posted when it is available.


Swim BC Tier II Championships: March 2-4th Registration deadline Feb 21st

This is the first time the province has run the Tier format.  Normally, we would recommend a swimmer have 3 Tier II times before attending this meet, but since it is in Kamloops . . . go and have the experience even for one day with one time.  

All KISU swimmers with Tier II times should be attending, as this is the new AAAs.  KISU's goal is to place Top 5, but we need everyone there to do it.

More information will be posted once the meet package is out for the time being, just plan on being there.


We have a room block at the Best Western Plus on Columbia.

Rate: $132 per night breakfast included Mar 1-4th. Call the hotel directly to reserve – say you’re with KISU Swim Club for the above rate. (250) 374-7878.  There are a limited number of rooms available.


Swim BC Tier I Championships:  March 9-11th Registration Deadline Feb 27th

This is the first time the province has run the Tier format.  Swimmers need to have the Tier I time in 200 IM and one other event.

All KISU swimmers with Tier I times should be attending, as this is the new AAAs.  KISU is the host club so we should be there with as many swimmers as possible.

As Meets are a huge fundraiser for our club we are calling on all our members to volunteer. Each KISU family must be involved in the meet itself as each of the 5 sessions requires over 50 volunteers.  Please go to the ‘Job Signup’ link on the Tier 1 post on the KISU website to choose your positions for the meet by February 15. Minimum volunteer expectations are as below:


Training group of oldest swimmer in family

Number of volunteer positions to be filled

Mini Squad


Junior/Super Junior




Age Group




These positions can be done during the same session with a number of people or over the course of the weekend. You are also welcomed to invite family and friends to help you fulfill your volunteer requirement.  The choice is up to you but sign up early so that you get the time slots that work best for you! Contact Jacki at if you have any questions.


If you have connections with a business that would like to be involved in sponsoring or donating to our event, let us know and we can provide more details.


Swim BC Senior Open:  March 16-18, Registration Deadline: February 27th

This is the BC Senior Open meet (Long course).  This is the last opportunity to make additional Westerns or CSC cuts. 

There are no bonus events so swimmers will swim only what they qualify for.  It is recommended that swimmers have at least 3 times.  

KISU is hosting our DRAFT meet at home this same weekend. 


KISU Draft Meet:  March 17th, Registration Deadline February 27th

After last year's success, KISU is hosting our one day DRAFT meet again.

This is a meet where swimmers are 'drafted' on to different coaches/teams and will inter-mix with the rest of the swimmers in the region.  It is a one day meet and should be a lot of fun.  Be sure to sign up.

There is a clinic for all swimmers 7 - 9am.  The meet warm-up is at 10am. Projected finish is 4pm.

More information will be posted below when it is available.


Wenatchee Apple Capital:  June 1st-3rd 2018 Registration Deadline Feb 28th

This is KISU highlight meet of the summer.  The meet is open to all Sub4 swimmers and we really encourage all swimmers to attend.  It is great experience - 10 lane outdoor pool, international competition.  It is also a great team bonding experience for KISU.  Don't miss out. 

There is an early deadline as this meet does fill up and we want to be first to get our entries in.

Also . . . book your hotel rooms early as this can be a big weekend for Wenatchee with other events happening at the same time so you want to get your hotel booked as soon as possible.  Unless you are camping!


KISU has a room block booked at the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel

Phone: 509.662.1234 

Check in: May 31   Check out: June 3

Single and double rooms: $140 USD per night

Triple rooms: $150 USD per night 

Quad rooms: $160 USD per night

Rates include a continental breakfast served 6:30 to 8:30 am

Please identify yourself with KISU Swim Club   Offer expires May 14, 2018


Parent Article:

"You're Missing the Point!"
"It's about making it hard, not about making it easier."

By John Leonard

Our friends the Australians have an be "gobsmacked". Heaven only knows the derivation, but the picture I have in my mind is getting literally "smacked in the face with a fish". Sort of a stunning and "attention riveting event."

One night during Christmas Vacation training, one of the nice young men on our team, (I'll call him Benito) did something that led to my exclamation at the top of this article. He's a good young man, and he was simply responding to the prevailing ethic of our society, which is to constantly seek to make things "easier".

In the process, he lost track of a critical lesson and a great opportunity. It resulted in my rather loudly and strongly making my point above.

We'd finished about 6 K of water work in 90 minutes and were proceeding to our 30 minutes of dryland work on a cool Florida evening, with a decent chill in the air. My first instruction was about some med ball throws. Following that, it was "3 sets Med ball situps, 1⁄2 twist, 100 with 30 seconds rest."

So far, all is well. Benito moves into the situp phase well enough and does his first set. Around that time, another athlete has to leave....tossing her med ball into the bin....Benito, who is about 30 situps into his second hundred, hops up, and grabs the just discarded ball, which, I immediately note is 4 pounds LIGHTER.


"Coach, I wanted this other ball....." (as explanation for stopping in mid-set, which he knows is a team no-no)

"Coach, this ball has handles and its lighter."

Now revert to the top of the page for my next comments.
I then stopped the whole group and gathered them around me...."guys, why are we here?" (various answers) "we'd better all be here with the intent to get better." (various nods, affirmations, and some blank stares....) "to get better, we Need to Do Whatever Is HARDER, Not what is easier, yes?"

Lights go on in most eyes, most heads nod. Notably, not ALL heads nod.

I went on to explain that sport, done correctly is counter-culture. The prevailing culture around us values and esteems "making things easier". It's EVERYWHERE in our world. And it is EXACTLY what keeps us from being our best. As aspiring athletes, and coaches, we need to SEEK OUT that which is harder, more uncomfortable, more demanding. Not look for the lighter ball with handles.

Benito got it. As soon as I said "back to work", he found the biggest, nastiest med-ball he could find WITHOUT handles, and restarted his second set of 100. The majority of the rest of the athletes did likewise. When you point it out to them...."they know".

But I found myself wondering, if a COACH didn't point it out to them, would they ever get it on their own? I think that's why we describe it as "counter-culture."

Each of my athletes has heard and "understood" the expression "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" if you want to get better. They can all intellectually explain it. But on a cool Florida night when they were tired, most could not see the application "on their own."

A wonderful lesson for me as well as for my athletes.




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