November Board meeting minutes


VSA November Board Meeting

11/5/17 @

River Region Merit Health


Members Present: Sheri Wallace, William Butler, Mathew Mixon, Rock Fields, Jodi Ryder, Karla Cook, Kathy Juve (via telephone for first part)


  • Minutes was approved from October meeting (6-0)
  • Old  Business
    • 5013c Status: we have decided to let Rebecca Antwine do our taxes to help get the ball rolling on this status. We were pretty much told by the Foundation Group that we were too much to deal with and they would refund our money.
    • Gator Bait: possibly looked at either May 5 or May 19 for the event in 2018. We have decided we need a Board for that event then have committees set up under that board. We said that 1 VSA board member would need to be on the GB Board and the board must be made up of VSA members parents (up to 3 or 4) then sub committees could be formed which can be members of the community
    • Training Trip: Heather Butler is organizing the trip possibly to Austin Texas (Colorado springs was an option as well) Decided that June 7-9 would be good possible dates for the trip. The age limit was also set that must be older than 11 yrs of age and in the bronze pod and up.
    • Also voted on 7/27/18 as possible date for Warner tully team building exercise
  • New business
    • Officials clinic will be held November 14th at the YMCA meeting room fro 530 to 630. During this time, there will also be a new parent meeting
    • we decided that we would do fund raising to help raise money towards the TT. We will do mix bags and Sara Figurola is in charge of handling that.
    • Swim-a-thon was also approved to do sometime in march and April during our “down” time to help raise money for TT and general equipment needs
    • it was also discussed maybe getting former swimmers (alumni) a chance to give back and donate money for a possible building to be placed at the city pool to hold VSA equipment for swim meets and practices. The building would provide easy access for our members and would also discontinue storage fees and we would have our stuff right at the pool for meets.
    • Voted on having a Short Course meet held in September. (possibly the 15th)!!! this was voted and approved 6-0.
    • Committees (currently based on required positions)
      • Fund-raising:
        • Sara Figurola
      • Meet Committee
        • Gator bait
        • Stamm
        • New Meet
      • Nominating Committee:
        • current VSA Board
      • Finance Committee
        • Neil Ferrell (VP)
        • William Butler (Pres)
        • Kathy Juve (tres)
        • Jeff Eckstein (assis. Treas. Non board member)
      • Registration and Communication Committee
        • Sara Harris (registration)
        • Yolanda Eslinger (new parent)
        • Rock Fields (webmaster)
        • Mathew Mixon (swim coach)
      • Equipment and Facilities Committee
        • computer admin official (?)
      • Social Events