December Board Meeting Minutes



The December board meeting was held at 6 pm at Merit Health River Region on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The members in attendance were Neil Ferrell, William Butler, Jodi Ryder, Kathy Juve, Sheri Wallace, Karla Cook, and Rock Fields.


Old Business


*Discussed getting started over again on the boards 5013c with Rebecca Antwine. She will also help set us up with our taxes for the year.


            *the motion to accept this was given by Kathy second by Sheri and it was unanimously   

            Voted on by the board.


*also agreed to end all means with the Foundation Group and they will be giving our money back.


*Gatorbait- Heather Butler will be sending out an email detailing what is needed and who is needed.


*Training Trip-decided to go with Austin, TX on June 7-9. The age limit of 12 and older and bronze pod and up.


*officials clinic follow-up: decided we needed to have another meeting for those who could not attend.


*Mixed Bags- pocketed almost $400


*voted unanimously to host a short course meet in September.


New Business


*Committees-Sheri said should would place a sign up sheet on Team Unify and the duties


*Budget- Kathy, William, and Neil will get together at a separate meeting to discuss and then bring before the board


*Christmas Party- Decided to host on December 14 at the skating rink. Sheri and Karla said that they would take care of the food and games


*Bag tags were also discussed…the tags would represent those who go to the STATE meet for either Long or Short Course. Mixed Bags profit would cover these tags.