2018 ND SC Championship Meet - Updates

Hello all,

I wanted to send out an email with some additional informationon questions that I have gotten in regards to the 2018 ND State Championship Meet that will be held in Grand Forks on March 16-18, 2018.  I wanted to remind everyone to review the meet the information to make sure everyone is aware of changes to the meet that are facility focused and not related to order of events.

Here is some general information:

1.  The order of events and sessions have not changed for the the last 3 Short Course championship seasons. Meet entry deadline is 12 Noon (Central Time) on Monday March 12, 2018. LATE ENTRIES will not be accepted.

2.  The 13 & Older sessions will be held in the morning on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the 12 & Under sessions being held in the afternoon. Start times for the 12 and Under sessions will be released as soon as all entries have been received and the meet has been seeded.

3.  There will be a parade of athletes on Saturday between the 2 sessions.   I have not had confirmation from any of the athlete representatives but in the past the athletes reps have also tried to hold an athletes meeting immediately following the conclusion of the Session 3 (Saturday).  13 and older athletes may choose to participate in the parade of athletes if they choose not to attend the athletes meeting.

4.  We will not be covering the bulkhead this year for seating.  Instead will have continual warm-up and cool down available for athletes in the pool area that will be open between Pool 1 and Pool 2.  The UND Hyslop pool has gotten new on-deck seating that will make the north side less congested but actually has more seating capacity.  Seating will be assigned for teams on-deck at SC state.  Seating will NOT be assigned for spectator seating.

5.  Last year, we were able to successfully run several relays and events using 2 pools.  With the success of the 2 pools being used for an increased number of events, as meet director, it was decided that we will be using 2 pools for the 13 & older sessions for all 3 days.  Rather than trying to split heats by odd and even number heats (which ended up being very confusing) most events (other than the 1650 and the 1000) will be split based on the male and female events.  The 1500 and 1000 yard distance events will be seeded after positive check-in and at the discretion of the meet referee may be swam as a mixed event.  The rest of the 13 & Older events will be swam continuously in 2 pools with the rotating days having either the males or the female 13 & Older athletes swimming in the pool that is closer to the pool entrance.   The next time we host SC state in Grand Forks we will rotate the male/females pool assignments to try to balance out the imbalance that may be caused by have a 3 day meet and only 2 genders divded between the 2.  

6.  The 500 freestyle for the 12 & Under athletes will be swam in 2 pools.  This will be the only event swam in 2 pools for our younger athletes.

7.  Due to the removal of the extra seating on the bulkhead and the ability to have open/continual warm-up continual cool down in the pool, our safety marshall, has identified that for the best interest of our 8 and under athletes we will not be using starting blocks for our 100 medley or 100 free relays on the turn end.  The bulkhead ends are very narrow with the blocks and feedback from coaches was that it would be okay for the relays to not have the 3rd set of starting blocks on the bulkhead for those 2 events.  

8.  The 25 yard events will start on the usual start end (not on the bulkhead) and we will relocate our timers to the bulkhead for those events.  This will help the kids be able to have more room to get ready for the races behind the blocks rather than waiting on each side of the bulk head.

9.  At the the ND LSC Fall committee meeeting, there was a request for a committee to be formed to work on both the short course and long course meets to improve them for future seasons.  As age group chair, I have volunteered to chair this meeting and their have been several people identified that would like to be involved.  I would like to start the work quickly and diligently on this important work following the conclusion of the short course season with the goal of bring proposals to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates at the Fall 2018 meeting.  In adddition, I would like the work to be shared over the long course state with all coaches in the LSC since it is hard sometimes to attend the HOD/BOD meetings due to high school schedule. On a personal note,  due to some extreme extenuating circumstances, I was not able to get this committee together to start working sooner and I hope that coaches that may be interested in helping on this important work would still be willing to be involved as improving the state meets has been a major part/focus of my 6+ years as age group chair.  Please email me if you are a coach of LSC representative that would like to be part of this work. Meetings will occur of teleconference and typically occur in the evenings at a time that is most convenient for the majority of committee members.

If you have any questions in regards to the upcoming 2018 Short Course Championship Meet, please feel free to contact me.  The ideal way is via email at and I will work diligently to get back to you.  If it is an emergency question my cell phone is listed on the meet information. 

Thank you for a great Short Course season and I know the 2018 SC State Meet will be a great success.

Janna Schill