DSSC Swim-A-Thon First Off the Block Prize Winner

DSSC's Swim-A-Thon has gotten off to a great start!  We have already raised 50% of our 10,000$ goal!  DSSC swimmers have raised 5,255$.  

It was a run away win for Lucas Jamias (GoLucasGo) in our First Off the Block challenge for the 2018 fundraising drive.  Lucas, as of February 15 9:00am has raised 1870$.  His prize:

  • Purple speedo backpack signed by Penny Oleksiak, Emily Overholt and Kylie Masse
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Vorgee mesh bag
  • Markus Thornmeyer Speedo signed card
  • 3 swim caps
  • 1 canada signed Cap
  • 1 dry towel
  • 1 Dry ear
  • 2 pair of goggles  

A special thank you to Team Aquatic Supplies for the donation of this prize package.

In the group race for the pizza party, DAG has a substantial lead on all other groups.

DSSC is offering up an IPad Mini to the single highest earner as of April 28th, so if you haven't started fundraising it isn't too late to start.  Go to http://bcswimathon.ca/delta to register your athlete.

Swim-a-thon, regarlless of whether or not you fundraise is a great challenge for every swimmer.  DSSC coaches endeavour to make the 1 or 2 hour event as positive as possible with kids being prepped in practice with longer swims and lots of talk surrounding the event.  We encourage everyone, regardless of the group they are in or whether or not they fundraise to come out and participate.

Congratulations to all our fundraisers on a great start.  
See you at the pool!