February 2018 Kingfish News

Hello Kingfish Families!

This newsletter contains the following news and information:

  •  Meet the New Kingfish Board and Key Volunteers
  •  Fundraising Chairperson Needed
  •  Officials Needed
  •  Looking Ahead to Registration

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time and talents to serve as Kingfish Board members and Key Volunteers for the 2018 season!  Thank you to Alex Zeineddin who recently stepped up to fill the open Communications Chair position!

2018 Kingfish Board

A Rep (Meet Management/Admin): Meredith Fogle                      meredith@meredithfogle.com

B Rep (Meet Management):             Grant Cheung                        grantcheung@gmail.com

Treasurer:                                          Sue Rambo                           smmahn@aol.com 

Volunteer Coordinators:                   Eileen Kao                             ejtsai@gmail.com

                                                          Mary Chu                              marykchu@hotmail.com  

A Rep (Automation):                        Corinne Hinckley                   corinne@clhdesign.com  

                                                         Kirk Hinckley                         kirk@bowtieclub.com

2018 Kingfish Key Volunteers

B Rep (Automation):                           Angelo Witten                       wittena@gmail.com

Team Manager:                                   Tara Hofmann                        hofmanntara@yahoo.com 

​Concessions:                                       Dayna and John Ingrassia      daynakim@yahoo.com  

Merchandise:                                       Angel Godman                      angelagodman@gmail.com  

                    Bhaval Shah                           bhavalshahbell@gmail.com  

Social:                                                 Leyla Esfandiary                    siamak_leyla@hotmail.com  

Little Kingfish:                                     Emily Lilyestrom                     lilyestrom@yahoo.com

Communications:                                Alex Zeineddin                       alex@stavitskymedia.com 

Fundraising:                                       OPEN

Fundraising Chairperson Needed

The team is still in need of a parent to fill the vital position of fundraising for the team.  The recent years of fundraising have enabled the team to operate without a loss and to pay for extra activities, supplies (how about that new sound system?), and family events, all of which make our team more that just a summer swim team.  As a parent new to the position, the Fundraising Chair would work closely with the A Rep to secure returning sponsors and to increase reach to new sponsors for the upcoming season.  If you can help, please email Meredith Fogle at Meredith@Meredithfogle.com 

Officials Needed

The team is always in need of new officials to help run the meets.  Are you interested in learning about becoming an official?  Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Eileen Kao at ejtsai@gmail.com or visit us at registration to ask any questions about these important roles or for more information.

Looking Ahead to Registration

Mark your calendars for Kingfish registration on Saturday, May 12th from 1:00-4:00 pm at the Kentlands Clubhouse.  Registration will include a brief membership meeting at 1:30 pm followed by a family season kick-off and kite-making event on the lawn.  The registration fee for the 2018 season will be $150 per swimmer plus a $30 per family concessions fee.