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Thank you for those of you that helped the team run a fantastic championship meet for all of the NJ Y swimmers this past weekend.  Whether you were officiating, selling heat sheets, working the admin tables, keeping the volunteers fed, distributing awards and posting results, working security, timing, running timer sheets to the tables, or helping Promo Gear selling event merchandise, YOU were a HUGE help!!! 

Our team does such a great job running this meet year after year.  I'm so proud of the teamwork we demonstrate to our swimmers and all of the NJ Y teams.  I'm always impressed with and thankful for the alumni that come back to help with the meet too.  I hope some of you are inspired to possibly learn a new role in helping the team run meets going forward too.  We had some people train on the Colorado timer at the meet which is fantastic because we have graduated out some of those key roles.  Please don't hesitate to learn!  We need more parents to get involved with the table duties of running meets going forward, so please do!  I hope all of you see how important each role is in running not just a championship meet, but also the dual meets, time trials, and other events our team hosts throughout the year.  Our parent volunteerism is vital to our survival and we hope you all enjoyed your integral part in this well oiled machine.

Hopefully most of you were able to meet our infamous meet director, Steve Bias.  This was Steve's 11th year in this role and due to his leadership and relationship with many of our volunteers and the staff of GCIT, the weekend ran as smooothly as a stone sliding over ice!

Lastly, as many coaches were leaving the meet they made sure to let me know how great of a meet we run.  I'm so thankful to hear that from people that are in the trenches on deck.  That tells me that they felt their athletes had a great experience and they are happy with the oppportunities their team was provided.  It speaks volumes when a coach gives a thumb's up at a meet!  We served 1,337 athletes from 31 teams and timed over 5,474 swims!  Phew!  WAY TO GO TEAM LAKELAND!