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Profile by Kate Johnson: New Manatee, Susan Putney [Corrected]

Welcome new Manatee, Susan Putney!

Susan Putney joined the Manatees last spring. She first learned about us when we were at Holy Names, which was “in the wrong direction,” but when she found out we had moved to Emeryville, which is near her work, she came on board. Susan has swum on other Masters teams, but she has especially enjoyed our team because we are a community of really nice people. She is also aware that many of us have been with the team for a long time and that we pull together for each other.

Susan was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. She had her first swim lesson when she was “barely out of diapers” and her first swim meet before she could swim the length of the pool. She explained to me that in the middle of the youth swim meets, they would make way for the youngest members, who would swim the width of the pool, with very proud parents rooting them on!

Susan swam competitively through high school. Her favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly (but just one lap, please!). She still loves to compete, both at pool meets and in open water. She did take a hiatus from swimming for a while, first doing gymnastics and then running, but it was the running injuries that got her back to swimming.

I love to ask people why they swim. Susan gave me a wonderful answer. She said she feels at home and comfortable in the water, and it makes her feel alive and refreshed. She loves the weightlessness and blueness of the water. She also surfs—just got back from a week in Nicaragua. Her guilty pleasure? Getting a big bowl of ice cream and watching surfer videos.

On dry land, Susan is a graphic designer at Nolo Press. She lives with her boyfriend and two Chihuahua-mix dogs: Tinker and Jimmy. Susan usually swims at 7:30 or 8:30.

Profile by Kate Johnson

Photo supplied by Susan Putney