TYS Spring Break

The last meet of the Short Course season is Y States, March 2nd-4th.  Because this year's season is ending much earlier than in years past, we are giving everyone some much deserved time off!  Upon returning from Spring Break, we will begin working toward the Long Course season.  Practice schedules after Y States are as follows:

Bob Sierra & Campo:

Monday, March 5th: OFF!

March 6th-9th (Tue-Fri): Normal Schedule all groups

March 10th-18th (Sat-Sun): OFF!

Monday, March19th: Resume normal schedule

*No Developmental or MS/HS practices the week of March 10th-18th!

New Tampa:

Monday, March 5th: OFF!

March 6th-9th (Tue-Fri): Normal Schedule all groups

March 10th-11th (Sat/Sun): OFF!

March 12th-13th (Mon/Tue): All Groups 5:00-7:00PM* (Team building, season discussions, etc.)

March 14th-21st (Wed-Wed): OFF!**

Thursday, March 22nd: Resume normal schedule

*Developmental (M/T/Tr) and MS/HS (M/W) will be offered on the normal schedule throughout March.

*Please note that New Tampa is split between two counties.  Hillsborough Spring Break is March 12th-16th, Pasco is March 19-23rd.  We are offering limited practice both weeks to acommodate students and families in both counties.  Any Bob Sierra or Campo swimmer wishing to practice at New Tampa on March 12th-13th may join in!

**Any New Tampa swimmers wishing to join Campo or Bob Sierra practices March 19th-21st may do so.