2017-18 SCY Championship Dream Team of the Peoria Area Water Wizards


The 2017-18 SCY season is a notable year for the Peoria Area Water Wizards (PAWW). It is reminiscent of the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams where Ray (Kevin Costner) hears a mysterious voice saying, “If you build it, he will come.” In the movie, ghosts of great players come out of the cornfields in Iowa.


Illinois like Iowa is known for cornfields, but we are also known for great players. Jim Thome was recently voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Thome said. “I’m proud that I grew up where I did. Peoria is a special place...Every Midwest kid can dream of a day like this and I’m living it today.”


An athletes “Dream” doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.


PAWW believes in the Dream “if we build it, he will come.” We expanded our coaching staff to 14, added a second site in Pekin, and grew our membership by 35%. We had players come out of the “cornfields” and we are making them into great swimmers! 


WE ARE THE PEORIA AREA WATER WIZARDS.....Our baseball inspired Championship shirt recognizes 53 swimmers who achieved the “Dream” of becoming a Champion.




10 under:

Ava Kula 

Izzy Kula 

Bailey Amerman 

Logan Walliker 

Kami Jarvill 

Elijah Porritt 

Landon Boerke 

Madi Parrott 

Ethan Stone

Keagan Boerke 

Sydney Ward



Isaiah Porritt 

Jackson Campbell 

Olivia Anderson

Kara Kozinski 

Autumn Evans

Kainan Buley 

Lucas Glesne 

Olivia Kula 

Lauren Jarvill 

AJ Stone



Kaylee Dexter 

Josh Noll 

Reece Helmick 

Kaia Bridenbaugh 

Elizabeth Sowards 

Christian Herbst 

Jaxon Bradburn 

Mira Medina-Dixon 

Lexi Jarvill 

Sophia Sumer

Brooke Barlow


15 Up:

Kiera Fennell 

Ben Owens 

Simeon Rinkenberger 

Garrett Schrock 

Kelen McDaniels 

Ashton Amerman 

Justin Alderson 

Adam Peterson 

Matthew Terrian 

Savannah Sowards 

Jaidlyn Sellers 

Josie Wiles 

Yohan Bopearatchy 

Hannah Grant 

Noah Nelson 

Ryan Trantham 

Sig Sison 

Alex Kula 

Jackie Rae Kelch 

Kaitlynn Wulfekuhle 

Luke Heberer