Become a USA Swimming Official!

An important announcement to all SGSG Tri Meet Series participating teams:

SGSG will be working hand in hand with Metro Committee Officials to seek out and support prospective deck officials. The first encounter for a prospective official is vital and that is where SGSG will support and enhance the experience. Officiating the Tri Meet series on April 21 will be a very light assignment for the Metro Officials, which will allow them to spend time to mentor the new recruits. Also the pace of the meet will be slow and with the meet being a SCS Red & White level meet swimmers will make mistakes which will open the door to a great learning
experience for the recruits. SGSG will also give a custom name badge to each new prospective deck official and also the team they are representing will receive a $9.50 discount on the entry fee. YES one swimmer will swim free per team for every parent that steps ups and gives officiating a chance!

The first step is to commit to help. Each up and coming official will be mentored on the procedures that will be needed to become an USA Swimming Official.

A prospective official will need to be in uniform-- -khaki bottoms and white top.

If you are interested, email Coach Michael!

Seven Reasons why you should become a swim official:
1. You understand what's really happening on the deck during a swim meet.
2. You could eventually earn extra money.
5. You will meet new and interesting people.
4. You get to see your child swim up close and personal.
5. The meet goes by much faster.
6. You do not have to decide what to wear to the swim meet.
7. You have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the swimming efforts of the