2018 Short Course 10&U State Championships

2018 Short Course 10&U State Championships: Meet Review by Coach Alex

We had a great weekend full of fast swimming this meet. We had a few swimmers returning to 10&u state but also plenty of new swimmers attending a championship meet for the first time. I think all of our swimmers walked onto the deck this weekend ready to put it all on the line, and the result was plenty of impressive races and best times. Often it can be hard to find a balance between having fun and working hard, but I think this meet was a good example of that balance. I saw tremendous concentration and intensity in the water, but on the deck I saw plenty of dancing, UNO, and the camaraderie that Dragons always bring to a meet. 

Best Times
Jorja went best times in both the 25 Fly and 50 Fly, dropping half a second in the 25 to come in 13th with a 20.20 , and dropped almost an entire second in her 50 Fly to come in at 51.54 and taking 18th place overall
Leah dropped a second in her 100 Bk, finishing 17th overall with a time of 1:21.70, and dropped almost a second in her 50 Br coming in 19th with a time of 42.44
Sydney achieved best times in the 50 Fr (breaking 30 for the first time with a 29.78!!) taking 6th place overall; and the 100 Br, dropping 2 seconds to place 8th overall
Trask dropped almost an entire second in his 50 Fr this weekend, coming in 12th overall with time of 38.59

200 Medley: The 10&u girls swam well, going just under their seeded time in the event and coming in 11th overall
200 Free: Another fun race to watch, the 10&u girls added just a little bit of time, still coming in 14th overall
100 Free: This race was a big opportunity for the 8&u girls and they swam well, placing 10th in the event
100 Medley: As the last women’s event of the day, energy was low amongst the athletes by this event, but the 8&u girls didn’t let that stop them, they attacked their final race with everything they had, finishing 10th overall

This was a really fun meet to be at, and I look forward to what the last few weeks of the long course season has in store for us as a team.