RICE Swimmers Compete at SPC and TAPPS Championships


High School Championship Season Wrap Up


With High School swimming wrapping up this past weekend with UIL State and SPC Championships the High School swim season has come to a close for RICE Aquatics Members. While many of our high school swimmers have additional meets this weekend and next for USA swimming, the past few weeks has seen a flurry of fast swimming at the high school level.


Here is a breakdown of swimmers competing at the two private school championships SPC and TAPPS.

TAPPS Regionals 

RICE Swimmers Participated at TAPPS Regionals Jan. 18th at UH. 



Hanadi Amin - 5th 50 Fr, 7th 500 Fr

Leila El Masri - 2nd 200 Fr, 2nd 500 Fr & Relays

Riley Harrison - 4th 200 IM, 3rd 100 Bk & Relays

Lilli Metts- - 3rd 200 Fr, 1st 100 Bk & Relays

Rachel Wright - 4th 100 Fly, 3rd 100 Br & Relays

Even Yasinski - 9th 200 Fr, 8th 50 Fr & Relays


TAPPS State 


RICE Swimmers Participated at TAPPS State Meet Feb. 9th at Mansfield ISD Nat. St. Anges (Harrison, Metts, Wright) were repeat champions of the Division 1 State Meet. 



Hanadi Amin - 13th 50 Fr, 13th 500 Fr & Relays

Leila El Masri - 4th 200 Fr, 2nd 500 Fr & Relays

Riley Harrison - 8th 200 IM, 9th 100 Bk & Relays

Lilli Metts - - 3rd 200 Fr, 2nd 100 Bk & Relays

Rachel Wright - 4th 100 Fly, 3rd 100 Br & Relays

Even Yasinski - Relays


SPC Conference Championships


RICE Swimmers participated at SPC Champs Feb. 17th at the CISD Nat. St Johns(SJS) came away with championships in both Women’s and Men’s. This was the first ever swimming championships in school history. Both titles came down to the last relays with RICE(SJS) swimmers stepping up to secure the titles. (SJS Swimmers: Dodson, Mathews, Shelburne, Beauchamp, Fullen, He, He, Hensel, Humphries, Manji, Schwartz, Tsia)



Merritt Bullock 12th 50 Fr, Relays

Ainsley Dodson 8th 50 Fr, 2nd 100 Br & Relays

Isabel Fraiser 9th 100 Fr & Relays

Georgianna Mathews 2nd 100 Fr & Relays

Delaney Newsome 2nd 200 IM, 1st 100 Bk and Relays

Katie Shelburne 1st 500 Fr, 3rd 200 Fr and Relays



Rhys Beauchamp 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 Bk & Relays

Jordan Fullen 5th 50 Fr & Relays

Alex Gatto 15th 100 Fly & Relays

Albert He 15th 50 Fr & 14th 100 Fr

Michael He 7th 100 Fr, 6th 50 Fr & Relays

Matthew Hensel 10th 100 Br

Jackson Humphries 13th 200 IM, 14th 100 Fly

Aiden Manji 19th 200 Fr, 18th 100 Bk

Josh Schwartz 8th 200 Fr, 6th 500 Fr

Josh Tsia 12th 100 Fr, 11th 100 Br

Calvin Zipper 12th 200 Fr, 11th 500 Fr & Relays




UIL District, Regional and State Results to follow shortly.