Piranha Winter Whiteout Re-Cap

We had 37 swimmers participate in the Piranha’s Winter Whiteout on February 10-11th.  The group had a strong showing of 55% lifetime best times.  Amongst those were thirteen new C times, six new B times and seventeen new BB times.

On the girl’s side Ella Anderson, Leah Enedy, Julia Feldhake, Amelia Monroe and Sydney Swedin all had great meets.  Ella dropped in all eight of her races and added two new BB times and a new B time.  Leah was a near perfect 7/8 and added two new B times and a new BB time.  Julia was 7/8 as well and added a pair of C times.  Amelia continued the trend of going 7/8 and added a trio of C times.  Finally Sydney was 5/8 in her events and added a pair of C times.  On the boy’s side Nolan Feldhake and Everett Olson had good meets.  Nolan was 6/8 for best times and added a pair of C times.  Everett was 5/8 in his races and added a pair of BB times.

Great job by all who attended!  To see full results go to ‘My Account’ then ‘My Meet Results’ then ‘Results by Meet’.